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Rodney Sweigart goes missing while traveling home to Indiana FOUND

Missing Person Indiana Rodney Sweigart

UPDATE:  Rodney Sweigart was found in the hospital.

Rodney Sweigart, age 24, of Fort Wayne, Indiana was last seen on the morning of Monday, January 1, 2018 when he left Harrison, Arkansas after a visit with his girlfriend.  Rodney would have taken I-44N to I-70E to I-69 to head home.  Before his trip to Arkansas, Rodney’s car hydroplaned.  The car sustained significant front end damage said the Harrison Police Department.  He was unable to get it repaired in Arkansas and was going to wait until he got back to Indiana.  During his drive back cell phone records show he called tire shops and he may have been having car trouble.  His last phone call was at 2:08 p.m. in St. Louis, Missouri.

Rodney Sweingart
Rodney Sweingart

Rodney was driving a silver 2009 Scion TC with IN plate 568TKT.  He is described as 5’10”, 220 lbs., with blue eyes, blonde hair and facial hair. He was last seen wearing a grey hoodie, blue jeans, a black leather jacket and black street shoes.

Rodney Sweigart
Rodney Sweigart


He is not answering his phone and it goes straight to voicemail.  He has not been on social media since he went missing.   Rodney may have used his debit card on or after January 2, but it is unknown who used the car and where the purchases were made at this time.

Rodney’s sister Jen posted, “My dad was able to get ahold of Rodney’s bank account number and went into the bank to see if they could offer any information. Because of security issues, they would not disclose any further information than that his debit card has been used on or since January 2nd.”

Rodney is a responsible employee and has not missed work before.

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