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Jason White missing from Washington

Jason White

Missing Person Washington Jason White

1/29/17 – The body of Jason White has been found in found by a group of voluntary searchers in the 8300 Block of 1st Street Southeast in Lake Stevens.  There has been no positive ID at this time.

Jason White, 32, also known as Jason Michael Knox White has been missing since January 3, 2018 from Lake Stevens, Washington.  Jason’s truck was found in its parking spot at his home.  His dog Chica was found at home, also, reports the Lake Stevens Police.  His bank account has not been touched since he has gone missing.

Jason’s sister, Naomi stated, “There’s been zero updates, his truck is still home and his bank account has not been touched in days.”

Jason’s mother Susan stated, “My heart is almost officially broken and saddened and scared, Jason White has been officially reported to the local police as a “missing person.” 

Jason white

Jason’s hair is long and he wears it pulled back into a ponytail.  The above photo is the most recent.

Naomi also stated, “Last night his mom returned home and found the front door open and Jason’s dog Chica unattended. My brother would never leave his dog like that.”




Jason White
Jason White

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