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Chris Oien missing from Spearfish, South Dakota

Chris Oien

Missing Person South Dakota Chris Oien

UPDATE 1/18/18:  The Spearfish Police Department is asking for residence in this circled area, please look in sheds, barns, etc. for Chris.

UPDATE:  Message from the family regarding, Chris Oien:

“We believe he was staying at the Bullock. He was seen at the Silverado around 10:30-11pm Sunday and that’s the last sighting we know of. It was reported that he was on foot, being chased by some guys around 2am on the backstreets. Which direction, etc. we don’t know. If we could track him from his last sighting at the Silverado to the 2am call. That would be critical information.

Chris Oien is missing from Spearfish, South Dakota.  Chris was last seen in Deadwood on Sunday, January 14, 2018, after he rented a motel room.  Later it was discovered that he never used the motel room and his phone had been shut off or ran out of battery.

Chris Oien
Chris Oien

A post on the Spearfish Emergency Alert Page on Facebook stated, “We believe that he could be in trouble, as this is extremely unusual behavior for him.”

Chris Oiem

Chris’ sister Christina stated, “His vehicle was parked in Spearfish. He had borrowed a car from friends and they have their vehicle in their possession now.”

Contact the Deadwood Police Department if you have any information on Chris’ whereabouts.


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