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Kyle Fleischmann missing from North Carolina since 2007

Kyle Fleischmann

Missing Person North Carolina Kyle Fleischmann

Kyle Fleischmann, 24, has been missing from Charlotte, North Carolina since November 9, 2007.

November 9, 2007, Kyle went to see a comedy show with his friends.  The group then went to Bulkhead Saloon at Fifth Street and College Street.  Kyle’s friends randomly left the bar.  Kyle stayed and was seen dancing with a woman, that ended up leaving with another man.  Later the CCTV footage shows Kyle leaving alone around 2:20 a.m. and heading to Fuel Pizza, where he orders pizza. The authorities check his cell phone records and find that he was in the uptown area when he called his family and several friends.  The Help Find Kyle Fleischmann Facebook page posted, “He called his sister at 2:19 before leaving the bar at 2:20. There is a gap of about an hour before he called myself at 3:28 and his room mate Bruce at 3:29.”

Kyle Fleischmann
Kyle Fleischmann

Kyle left his debit card and coat at the bar and his wallet has never been located.

Four years later, Kyle’s father tells the news that private investigators had located a taxi driver who said he saw someone matching Kyle’s description walking on North Davidson Street heading uptown.  He wasn’t wearing a coat and the temperature was in the 30s. CCTV footage showed Kyle leaving the bar without a coat.

Taxi driver sighting

The taxi driver’s sighting has never been positively confirmed, so it is possible that it was not Kyle at all.  Additionally, it was not logical that Kyle would have been there as it is not on his way home.   Was it a coincidence there was another man walking without a coat?  Maybe it was Kyle and he was in the area because he became lost.

Kyle Fleischmann
Kyle Fleischmann

A search was done with search dogs and they alerted in Cordelia Park, a small park at the end of 16th Street, off Davidson Street which is about a mile from Buckhead Saloon.


Contact the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police with any information related to Kyle’s disappearance at 704-334-1600.


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