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David McAllister missing from Iowa

David McAllister

Missing Person Iowa David McAllister

David McAllister, 22, is missing from Bettendorf, Iowa.  He left his mom’s house early morning on May 10, 2017.  David called home on May 11 and said he would be home that evening, but he did not show up.  David has no car and didn’t have much money with him when he left.  His cell phone has not been used since May 11.   Location of the cell phone was near VanderVeer park in Davenport, IA.


David Mcallister
David Mcallister


David McAllister has blond hair and blue eyes, 5’9″ and 160 pounds and a tattoo with the word “stay” inside his right elbow and “true” inside his left elbow.   Also has small anarchy symbol between thumb and forefinger on right hand, and small smiley face between thumb and fore finger on left hand; the word “BEER” on left side and a row of 5 Stars on right side of chest, There is a peace sign on his back / right shoulder blade. There is a cross, part of an unfinished tattoo, to cover an older one, on his right shoulder. (part of the older one can still be seen under outlines for unfinished parts). He has a Yin/Yang symbol on upper left arm/shoulder, pot leaf with 4-20 under inside calf, and more.

Contact the Bettendorf Police Department or Quad Cities Crimestoppers at 563-344-4015 if you have any information on his whereabouts.

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