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Two Midland teens missing since October 2015 believed to have been found in pit

Midland Texas

Missing Person Texas Two Midland Teens Found in Pit

July 16, 2018 –  DNA has shown that the remains found in the pit do belong to John Iglesias-Alvarez and Ashley Cruz-Rodriguez.  The cause of death was by gunshot.  A warrant has been issued for Angel Luis Lebron-Rivera, who they were staying with a the time.  The police believe he has fled the country.

Feb 9, 2018 -In a news release, the preliminary autopsy results on both bodies show, “gunshot to the skull…the “Manner of death on both skeletal remains is declared as homicide.”

Feb 7, 2018 The skeletal remains of a second person has been found in the pit.  The remains may belong to two missing Midland teens.  The Sheriff released photos of the dig to let the public know how difficult and large the task is.

Midland Teens
Midland Teens

The bodies of two missing Midland teens may have been found. Remains identified by authorities as a female have been found buried in a pit on a location the authorities called County Road 1227 and West County Road 116 in Midland, Texas.  After searching for the area I was not able to find it until I put in South County Road 1227.  That area shows a  block of houses on the left and an area with rows of trees.  The area with the trees is where the remains were found.

Midland Tree Farm
Midland Tree Farm

The remains were found in the 20 x 30 x 15 foot pit that also had trash and fill dirt in it.  Eight to 10 feet down were the remains. Authorities state a tip lead them to the property where the tipster stated bodies were buried. K-9 searchers led them to the pit.

“This will tie back to a case we had in October of 2015,” Sheriff Painter told KCBD news. “We had two teenagers come up missing …had their family get in touch with us and notify us … found an individual who had their property but we could not find the teenagers … We pray this case will tie back to that.”

The remains were found on Saturday and the authorities state the owner of the property has been cooperative and is not a suspect.  Time will tell whether remains of the other teen will be found in the pit.  It will be approximately two weeks before names will be released after an identification has been made.

The authorities are searching for another individual in this case.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited children shows Ashley Cruz-Rodriguez, 18 at time of disappearance  and John Inglesia-Alvarez, 20 at age of disappearance were from Puerto Rico and were staying at 3900 South County Road 1200 #2.  They were both listed as missing on he same day, Oct. 10, 2015.

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