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Ernesto Aguilar Gonzalez aka Fred Lump Lump missing in Mexico FOUND

fred lump lump

Missing Person California Ernesto Aguilar Gonzalez Fred Lump Lump

Ernesto Aguilar Gonzalez was located and is safe.

Ernesto Aguilar Gonzalez has been missing since January 25, 2018.  Ernesto AKA Fred Lump Lump left California to go to Mexico to meet up with a tire distributor.   He missed his flight home to LA from Mexico on January 25th and his family hasn’t heard from him since.  It is believed he went missing on the way to the airport.

Ernesto is known for his giant red sedan drift car on YouTube or Fred Lump Lump on Instagram.

“This is extremely urgent and serious – @fredlumplumpaka Ernie from @zestinotyreusa has been missing for 4 days. He returned from #tokyoautosalon back home to California for a day, and headed south regarding tire dealings in Mexico. He never got on his flight and nobody has heard from him for four days. I urge you to repost and spread this as far as you can. If you have any leads please contact this account or his family. Ernie is a super positive pillar of the west coast drift community; and we all hope and pray that he is okay.”  #missingperson #mexico #guadalajara #jalisco #drifting#lowstyleheroes

ernesto aguilar gonzalez

The Fred Lump Lump Facebook page posted: “Thank you for reaching out and your concern. As you can imagine, this is an extremely difficult time for our family, and in fact, it’s overwhelming. We appreciate you for checking on us, but for now we need some privacy to be with our family. Our close family members will send updates if we get any information, but for now, we will remain silent to focus on what is most important. If you would like to offer help, we ask for your prayers to give us strength and bring Ernie home. Thank you. – Ernie’s family”

En Espanol

Hola mi genta, perdon por mi espanol. Estamos tratando de encontrar a una persona que desapareció hace 3 días en el Aeropuerto de Guadalajara. El se suponía que tomaría un vuelo de Guadalajara a Los Ángeles. Si alguien tiene alguna información, por favor contáctate a continuación debajo del enlace. La familia está monitoreando su cuenta de Facebook y está muy preocupada. Les agradezco que hayan difundido la palabra.

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