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Arturo Espinoza last seen by the Santa Monica Pier FOUND

Missing Person California Arturo Espinoza

Family states Arturo has been found
Arturo Espinoza was last seen at the Santa Monica pier on January 19, 2018.  Before that he was mugged and all his belongings were taken including his money.  The family is circulating his photo and information to ask anyone in that area to have him call phone.
Arturo Espinoza
Arturo Espinoza
Arturo Espinoza
“He is now, missing 11 days!”This young man went to LA to follow his dreams in music!  He was mugged & everything was stolen! Money, wallet, ID, shoes & his jacket! This happened in Santa Monica! He was seen in LA walking cold and shaking.(1-16) Two men bought him coat and shoes. Left there on (1-18-2018). Going back to Santa Monica to search for his things. Officer cited him for sleeping on bench (1-19-2018 @ 5:30 am). ID verification(1-19-2018 5:30pm).  Arturo was in touch on daily basis, No more calls. Silence! We ask if you come across Arturo, lend him a phone to call family! All communication on social media sites stopped on Jan 8th, 2018!  If you were kind enough to share, repost or tag others to post on missing young 👨 man, I would like to Thank You! Santa Monica P.D. was hesitant to help or label him missing! A missing persons report has now been filed.
Contact info:
Det.Oscar Flores
ph #310-458-2201, ext.4400
M-Th or you can speak to him or leave a message.
Email: OscarFlores@SMGOV.NET
You may also send any helpful information to him.
West Coast Care
is actively involved in searching for him.


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