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Jacob Hilkin goes missing in Washington trying to get home

Jacob Hilkin

Missing Person Washington Jacob Hilkin

Jacob Hilkin, 24, has been missing from Mulkilteo, Washington since January 23, 2018.  He was last heard from when he was in Marysville.  He could not pay the fare to get home.

Jacob Hilkin
Jacob Hilkin

Jacob and his mom, Marni Pierce speak every day and this is unlike him to not be in contact.  Jacob had been living in Mukilteo and working.  He would stop by his mother’s house in Everett for dinner and like any good mom she would load him up with sandwiches for work the next day, according to the Herald Net.  The last time he came over was January 22.  He also brought some clothes and his xbox and computer with him.


Jacob Hilkin

Jacob Hilkin

Around 9 p.m., Jacob left his mom’s house with two friends to go to the Tulalip Resort Casino.   Jacob and his friend got separated from their other friend and they decided to go to the parking lot to wait for him.  A security guard asked them to “move along.”  Jacob got tired of waiting and decide to take a bus home.  He went to the bus stop near Quil Ceda Parkway.  Pierce was expected Jacob to return to her house to pick up the stuff he brought with him, but he never did.

A Tulalip police officer reported he had seen Jacob the following day around 10:20 a.m. at a homeless encampment by the casino. Jacob told the officer he was trying to find his way home.  His phone had run out of battery.

Pierce post on Facebook on Jan 25:

“I’m going to the police again, we have flyers, I’m going to see if the gas station outside the bus stop for bus 222 will let me see surveillance as maybe he got into a car or maybe it will show him on the bus. Here is the bus stop and picture of the bus he was trying to get on! I am begging every single person I know to share this post. My son Jacob Hilkin is missing! He is 160lbs 5 foot 11 and one tattoo on his inner elbow. always wears his glasses. For those that don’t know us we live in Washington state in Everett (me) and Jacob in Mukilteo. Both cities are about 20 miles north of Seattle. I have filed a missing person report, called all hospitals I could think of, sent a post to his Facebook page, and spoke with a few of his friends and roommates. Here is what you need to know and share. He was last seen and contacted by tulalip police at 10:20 A.M. yesterday. I just got this information from the chief of police. Jacob was at the bus stop and police were doing a homeless sweep. They asked if he was ok and he said yes I’m just waiting for the bus to go to my moms. Jake had no money and his phone was dead. I know my son and although not perfect he would never do this and be gone. His car is at my house, his computer and money is here. Please help me find my son. Again he was seen yesterday the 23rd of January at 10:20 A.M. I have been to the casino, talked to security and exhausted every Ave I know. If anyone works for tri met and has inside information we think it was bus 222 as that stops there and goes to Everett Lynwood and Marysville. Police have to have a subpoena to get surveillance access and they won’t until they know foul play happened. I swear it was only last week I saw missing peoples posts bro g shared and thought my god how awful. I sit in these shoes and am begging for help. Monday night he was at my house with me and was going to spend the night. He fell in hard times as was feeling a little lost but still hopeful. He kissed me goodnight and that’s the last time I saw him.”


On Feb. 7, Pierce’s Facebook post:

“Feb 7th update. My son is still missing and although leads come in they are slow and the detectives are too busy with murder cases to help. I am trying to stay positive but it’s wearing on me. I’ve seen the beauty and ugly in people through this ordeal. I continue to be lifted up by all of you and your kind words. Please keep sharing the post! We have two leads. One from yesterday with a bus driver at community transit and still trying to get the Fred Meyer footage to police. I have made all the calls I can to get the police actively helping but it’s not moving fast enough. I need media to help put pressure on this case!”

Contact the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office if you have any information about Jacob’s whereabouts at 425-388-3845.

Hilkin is 5-foot-11 and 160 pounds and has brown hair and brown eyes. He always wears glasses.

There is a $5,000 reward to anyone who brings Hilkin home.

jacob hilkin
jacob hilkin

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