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Tim Cullen missing from Florida

Tim Cullen

Missing Person Florida Tim Cullen

Tim Cullen, 24, was last seen in Clearwater, Florida on January 24, 2018.  His family has been searching for him, but have not been able to locate him.  His cell phone is either powered down or out of battery.

Tim’s car was missing and then it was found at the Royal Breeze apartments.  A post on the Facebook page, Bring Tim Home said, “His car has been found as I posted a few minutes ago. Not one person at the complex has seen Tim yet his car was tagged for towing on the 5th. A couple of days later the car was moved down a couple of spots with the towing tag removed, license plates removed and windows rolled half way down.”

Tim Cullen
Tim Cullen is very tall at 6’6″

Tim had brown hair and blue eyes and multiple tattoos.  One shown in the photo above and below.

tim cullen

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