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Josephine Despard: Anonymous letter with info on a 34-year-old missing woman case mailed to police

Josephine Despard

Missing Person New York Josephine Cottone Despard

Josephine Despard, 26, left her North Clinton home in Olean, New York she shared with her mother around 5 p.m. on February 7, 1984 with a male friend from Franklinville.  They were going to the man’s Franklinville home to swap stereo components.  First, they decided to go to the Olean Mall for a cup of coffee.  Josephine ran into some friends at the mall and left with them instead of going on to the man’s home.  The man who has never been identified publicly by the police stated he last saw Josephine at 6 p.m.

Josephine Cottone Despard

Josephine was never seen again.  Her husband who she was separated from Josephine remarried and moved to California.  The man who was with her the night she went missing was a suspect in the case.  He was caught at the Canadian border with drugs and the police believe he was probably trying to leave the country.  Months later he committed suicide.  The man’s mother also committed suicide a few years after that.

Anonymous Letter shows up at police station

Then seemingly out of the blue, an anonymous letter shows up at the police station February 7, 2018.  The police don’t believe it was an accident it showed up on the anniversary of Josephine’s disappearance.  The outside had no indication of where the letter came from but inside was a letter that had information about the disappearance of Josephine.

The Olean Times Herald reports Olean Police Capt. Robert Blovsky won’t reveal what that information is, but he would like the writer to come forward.   He stated the writer is not in any trouble.

“I can’t really get into any details about it, but it has to do with information about her case and it leads me to believe that there’s more this person knows,” said Olean Police Capt. Robert Blovsky, who the letter was addressed to along with several retired investigators. “Hopefully this person reaches out to me again and we can talk because really at this point in the game … we’re just basically looking for any place to look for her. We just want to see if we can get the family some closure.”

If you have any information about Josephine’s case, please contact the Olean Police Dept. at 716-376-5677.

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