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Teen Cheyenne Fahey missing from Iowa FOUND

Cheyenne Fahey

Missing Person Iowa Cheyenne Fahey

February 20 – Page County Sheriff’s Office said Cheyenne has been located and is safe.

Cheyenne Fahey, 15, has been missing from Clarinda, Iowa since Monday, February 12, 2018.  She was last seen in the Shenandoah area.  At one point the family thought she had been found on the 13th, but as of the 16th, she is still missing.

Posted on Cheyenne’s father Facebook page, “Cheyenne Fahey has spoke to the police and is said to be on her way home with a family member. Until she is returned to her father or the authorities, she is still considered a missing person. We do not know the location of her or when she will be returning home. We wanted to let everyone aware tho that she has spoke to police herself and possibly will be home soon. Thank you to everyone who has helped and continues to help and pray.”


There is also a rumor that she may be with two “boys” but no one has been able to substantiate that information.

Jason posted, “The boys have been located and no Cheyenne was not with them at the time they were found but don’t start pretending they are innocent. I have personal confirmation from you yourself that Cheyenne was with Gavin at some point during this. You called me and told me that you had spoken with him and told him to bring her home. Since he is home now you should see where it was that he last seen her so that we can start looking somewhere else.”

Emotions are running high as Cheyenne’s father tries to locate his daughter that could be anywhere at this point.

“Man someone out there knows where the hell Cheyenne Fahey is. She doesn’t have a car. She’s been getting around somehow. Bouncing around from place to place from what I hear. This isn’t a game and it isn’t a joke. Do the right thing and let someone know where she is or take her to the police or call me (712-542-6939) any time day or night I will be here. I will go wherever I have to go and do whatever I need to do,” posted Jason.

She is 5’3″ tall, 125 pounds, with light to medium brown hair and blue eyes.

Anyone with information regarding the girl’s whereabouts should contact the Page County Sheriff’s Office, or their local law enforcement agency. She’s been entered nationwide as a runaway.

Cheyenne Fahey
Cheyenne Fahey

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