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Shayla Wingle: Husband says wife walked away after car ended up in ditch and they argued FOUND

Shayla Wingle

Missing Person California Shayla Wingle

February 27 – The body of Shayla Wingle has been found along the Kern River, east of the initial search area.  The authorities stated there were scratches on her body but that there were no obvious signs of assault on the body and nothing at this point that would lead them to suspect there was foul play.

Original Story

Shayla Wingle, 39, was last seen in the Kern Canyon area with her husband after the car ended up in a ditch.  On Friday evening, February 16, 2018, Shayla and her husband, Brandon Wingle were traveling up Old Kern Canyon Road off Highway 178 leaving Whiskey Flat Days when they had car trouble.  The car ended up in a ditch.  The couple got in an argument.  Brandon told the Bakersfield Police that Shayla got out of the truck around midnight and walked away.  He stayed in the truck and a tow truck picked him up on Saturday according to 23 ABC news.  More information came from Sgt. Ray Haislip who stated Brandon said he hitched a ride to Lake Isabella and got a bus back to Bakersfield.


Sgt. Haislip stated that maybe Shayla was trying to get to the highway, and would not have know how difficult it would be at night. So far, the police do not have a lead which direction she would have gone and will be in the area Wednesday, looking for footprints and clues.


Shayla’s sister, Sheri says that Shayla is 5’7 with blonde hair and grey-blue eyes.  She has a flower tattoo on her chest.

Shayla Wingle
Shayla Wingle

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue team went looking for Shayla on Monday and they have not found her.

Anyone with information of Wingle’s whereabouts are asked to contact the Kern County Sheriff’s Office at 661-861-3110.


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