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Craig Frear missing from New York since 2004

Craig Frear

Missing Person New York, Craig Frear

Craig Frear, 17, was last seen walking into the woods behind a friend’s apartment in Cambridge Manor, New York on June 27, 2004.  The path would take him to his Scotia home on Yorkshire Court home.  Two kids who say they saw Frear just before he went missing said he lifted his finger to mouth as if to say “Shhh” just before he disappeared, reports the Time Union.  Later it was discovered he had stopped going to his job.  That day he was to come home and talk with his parents about it, but instead he went to the apartment to visit a young woman who lived there.  He has not been seen since.

Craig Frear
Craig Frear

10 years later

The police searched another area of the woods when they received a tip in 2014, but nothing was found.

“I strongly believe there is somebody out there who knows what happened to my son,” Craig’s mother says. “I believe that keeping it out there, keeping the case alive, it’s kind of my only chance at this point. I’m on my knees, hoping there’s someone out there who can help us,” reports the Time Union.

Come Home Craig Frear

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