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Rita Gutierrez Garcia missing from Colorado since St. Patricks day

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Missing Person Colorado Rita Gutierrez Garcia

Rita Gutierrez-Garcia, 34, was last seen in an alleyway behind 3’s Bar in downtown Longmont, Colorado about 2:30 a.m. on March 18, 2018.

Gutierrez-Garcia was last seen wearing a long-sleeve black shirt and black leggings. She is 5-foot-7 and 140 pounds.

Anyone with information is asked to call 303-651-8501.

Hair color Brown
Head hair Top half of hair brown, lower 4-5″ possibly dyed blonde; worn straight, longer than shoulder length

Left eye color Brown
Right eye color Brown
Eye description
Wears long artificial eyelashes

Scars and marks
Surgical scar on left elbow; May have scars on fingers from cuts that needed stitches (Unk which fingers); Chicken pox scar in the middle of forehead

Tattoo of leopard print on top of left foot; Tattoo of a Mudflap Girl on top of right foot; Tattoo of a good angel in blue on one shoulder; Tattoo of a bad angel in red on other shoulder; Tattoo of a puzzle on back; Tattoo of a large eye surrounded by swirls covering the length of left forearm; Tattoo of a skull with a pink bow on left wrist; Tattoo of two red roses with black netting between the stems and leaves on outer right forearm; Tattoo of a woman removing a face mask on left thigh; Marilyn Monroe on one upper arm


Tongue is pierced twice; One piercing each earlobe; In the past had pierced belly button but let it heal

Finger and toe nails
Acrylic fingernails long and pointed “cat-style,” army green in color

Other distinctive
physical characteristics
One of her lower front teeth is broken

Skeletal information
Fractured left elbow when she was 12 yoa was repaired with pins, but pins removed; Limited range of motion (and pain) of left arm at elbow because of previous break (possible deformity of inner left elbow)

possibly 3/4-sleeved black dress; possibly with a light-colored thin scarf or shawl over shoulders

Black boots with fringe

Small black purse

Vehicle comments
She did not have her vehicle with her and she was not seen getting into a vehicle

Status: Sample available – Not yet submitted

Fingerprint Information
Status: Fingerprint information is available elsewhere

Investigating Agency
Title Detective
First name Cody
Last name Clark
Phone 303-774-4392
Case number 18-2437
Date reported March 19, 2018

Jurisdiction Local
Agency Longmont Police Department
Address 1 225 Kimbark St
City Longmont
State Colorado
Zip code 80501

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