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George Robbins missing from Chicago nFOUND

george robbins

Missing Person Illinois George Robbins

May 2, 2018 – The body of George Robbins was found in the 3400 block of East 83rd Street — east of Lake Shore Drive on Sunday, police said Monday afternoon.

George Robbins, 83, is missing from Chicago, Illinois.  He was last seen on Saturday, April 22 2018 in the 8300 block of South Yates Blvd. around 7 p.m.

Robbins is 5’9″, 130 pounds with brown eyes and gray hair and is wearing a green jacket with his name on it, and also the name of the Logo Baptist Assembly, where he was a deacon. He also had a blue baseball cap on and green pants. Robbins has dementia and kidney disease. He was believed to have left home without a photo ID, a family member said in an email to reporters.

4/25/18: Haven’t found my granddad, but we’ve got family, friends and community members mobilized and even more folks beyond that looking out. Thank you for all the warm thoughts, prayers and encouragements we’ve received. This tweet will be pinned until we have a resolution.

george robbins
george robbins

Pamela, George’s daughter wrote: The police have filed a report and have put out a city-wide flash as well as an alert. As a family we have checked the neighborhood and neighboring hospitals to see if he is in any of the Emergency Rooms. We have been to:
Trinity Hospital
South Shore Hospital
Jackson Park Hospital
University of Chicago
If anyone is interested in checking other hospitals or the area, we would appreciate your help. As many of you are aware, he has been diagnosed with Dementia, so he may not be able to recall his name, number or address and may not recognize you, if you approach him. The best thing to do is call my parent’s home if you encounter him.

Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or Area South Special Victims Unit at 312-747-8274.

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