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Diane Dye mysteriously disappears in 1979 from San Jose

Missing Person California Diane Dye

Yusra Hasan reached out to MPofA regarding Diane Dye.  Here is what she said:

Diane Genice Dye ran away from San Jose, CA in 1979. She has never been found, nor has her body. For many years, many believed Diane was Princess Doe – a badly decomposed body of a young teenage girl who had been brutally murdered and then buried outside a cemetery in New Jersey. Diane’s mother submitted DNA that cleared Diane as Princess Doe many years later. In 1987, HBO ran a segment on Diane and the Princess Doe case. Diane’s mother passed away years ago never getting closure over Diane’s disappearance.

Diane Dye
Diane Dye

Possible sightings

Following Diane’s disappearance, there have been several possible sightings of her. One was in 1981 at an indoor mall in San Francisco. After thorough investigation, this one was determined to be fake. Numerous witnesses claim they saw Diane, years after she ran away, in Atlantic City, NJ working in a hotel. A pimp in New York City, NY also claimed Diane was one of his hookers. In 2016, one of Diane’s very close friends claimed to have spotted her in a Walmart parking lot in Stockton, CA. None of these sightings have been positively confirmed to be Diane.

diane dye
diane dye


The FBI believe Doug Young, a murderer currently on death row, raped and murdered her. He knew Diane before she ran away, always had a thing for her, and was seen talking to Diane shortly before she ran away. Doug Young claims that he only gave Diane a ride when he saw her hitch hiking. The FBI don’t believe him and have been back to death row numerous times to question Doug Young. He denies having anything to do with Diane’s death, if she is dead. If those possible sightings were Diane, then Doug Young was telling the truth.

Diane’s official Facebook group is:

Diane Genice Dye: Missing since 1979.

If you have information about what happened to Diane or where she might be, please contact the San Jose Police Department at (408) 277-4141.

Or if you have a tip or information that you would like to share, please contact me and you can remain anonymous if you like.

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