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Body found with necklace “Phillip H. Williams” – Do you know who he is?

phillip h williams

Missing Person Texas John Doe

What the authorities are hoping will help them identified the man is the dog-tag necklace he was wearing with the name “Phillips H. Williams” engraved on it.  Further description is the man was wearing a dark-colored long-sleeved turtleneck shirt, blue jeans, black socks and black Velcro sneakers. He was found with a dark-green backpack and was carrying a small Swiss army knife. He was also wearing a small pendant of a Viking-style ship. Although there is no sketch of his likeness, describes him as around 60 years old, 169 pounds 5’7″ tall.  He had a 6 inch vertical scar on his left leg and a hardware/plate in his left leg. Side plate and compression screws in left femur/hip. Orthopedic hardware company: Designs North America, Inc

Authorities have not released any follow up as to how the person died.

Anyone who recognizes these items is encouraged to contact Detective S. Mullis or Detective C. Evans with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit at 936- 760-5876. Woodlands Death Inv swiss army knife

Woodlands Death Inv necklace

Woodlands Death Inv back pack

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