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Trail camera spots missing Jerika Binks in Saratoga Springs in February

jerika binks

Missing Person Utah Jerika Binks

November 19, 2018 –

Family and friends have organized a search for Jerika Binks at American Fork Canyon.  The Find Jerika Facebook page posted;

** As of right now today’s search is still on going and we have no updates to report**

These past weeks have weighed heavy on the family as we draw near to this years holiday season, the first one ever without our sweet Jerika.

A trail camera caught missing Jerika Binks jogging by on the National Timpanogos Cave trail on February 18, 2018.  The family stated they had the photos a month ago but have waited to share them.  Jerika was last seen at a residential treatment center near American Fork on Feb. 18 around 9 a.m.  She told her roommate she was going for a run.

Facebook page

According to Bring Jerika Home Facebook page, “My sister Jerika Alvey Binks, was alive and well at 1:30 pm on February 18th. Which corresponds with the time of her last cellphone ping in Saratoga Springs.  A DNR motion activated camera caught shots of her running DOWN on the National Timpanogos Cave trail, up American Fork canyon. We as a family have been waiting for a month to release these photos. Out of respect, and not wanting to step on anyone’s toes who are aiding in the investigation. That’s why our searches have been so dedicated to this area. They say it’s her coming down the trail, there is not footage of her coming up, which leads us to believe she gained access to the trail elsewhere. Furthermore, that leads us to believe someone showed her an entrance prior to her run that day. In releasing these photos, we hope to gain more information and access to the area in future searches. We are still waiting for gates to open.


jerika binks
Jerika Binks


Binks is 5’4″ tall and weighs 120 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes.

If you know anything, call the Utah County Sheriff’s Office at 801-851-4013 or Utah Valley Dispatch at 801-794-3970. You can also call Detective Pratt at 801-851-4013 for more information about this case.

A $10,000 cash reward has been offered for information leading to her whereabouts.



Jerrie Dean, who is retired from Federal Law Enforcement, is the Founder of Missing Persons of America and Missing Texas Forty.

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