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Where did missing Daniel J Foster go?

daniel j foster

Missing Person California Daniel J Foster

UPDATE 2019 – Daniel J Foster is still missing.  “What we know is that he did not go to Mexico through any legal border crossing, did not board a flight for anywhere using his ID or passport, and did not show up for a doctor’s appointment in Anza. What we don’t know is who “Chris” is, though they spent an awful lot of time together, or what Dan’s plans for his immediate future were. We don’t know if he got a ride out of San Diego, took a bus, or just walked away. We don’t know if he went to Anza before or after he left San Diego. We don’t why he disappeared. We just know he’s gone. For two years. That’s a very long time. – Nancy.”

Original Story:  Daniel J Foster, 29, of Fallbrook has been missing since February 8, 2017.  It has been over a year since he was last seen in the north San Diego County Area.

Daniel’s mother, Nancy Foster, stated that her son had just returned from San Diego from New Hampshire.  He sent out a message on Feb. 8, and he has not been seen since. Nancy, who lives in New Hampshire came to San Diego to look for her son.  During an interview she stated that Daniel was diagnosed with depression and anxiety.  She was told that he was homeless and was seen at a bar in Barrio Logan (downtown area of San Diego) over the last few weeks before he went missing.  She worried he may have been self-medicating with drugs. The police stated that believed Daniel was missing under suspicious circumstances.

daniel j foster
daniel j foster

Nancy wrote in a Letter to the Editor to the San Diego Downtown News in March 2018, “I don’t believe Dan was a victim of the opioid and meth epidemics that has turned a section of Downtown San Diego into a scene from ‘The Walking Dead.’ He wasn’t an urban camper. He had a girlfriend and close friends, brothers he texted often, and a dog named Apollo. One day he was wishing a friend happy birthday on Facebook, the next day he was gone.”

Is Daniel homeless?

Is Daniel a victim of foul play or is he homeless living among the 9,160 other homeless San Diegan’s?

Nancy does not know where Daniel is, but she is not convinced he is deceased as the police have stated, “The investigative work necessary to determine if that theory holds water has not been done. The San Diego Sheriff’s office has more pressing matters to attend to, which I understand, yet bitterly resent,” said Nancy.  “Riverside County investigators have been helpful, but they, too, could devote only a limited amount of time and resources to Dan’s disappearance. I have done my best to complete the puzzle of my son’s life in order to determine where he’s gone, but there are just too many pieces missing, and I don’t know where to find them.”

Foster is 6 feet 3, 180 pounds, with blond hair and blue eyes.  There was a sighting of him in Anzo, but no word whether it has been verified.

In Nancy’s Letter to the Editor she reaches out to those that might be able to help her, “It is my hope that after a year of fear and grief, someone might give me an idea of where to look,” she said. “I don’t know what else to do.”

If you see Daniel or know of his whereabouts, please contact Nancy at or me or the police at Investigator Robert Stites from the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Special Investigations Bureau, at (951) 233-4795.

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