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Veronica Blumhorst left work and has never been seen again

Veronica Blumhorst missing from Mendota, Illinois for 27 years.

Veronica Blumhorst, 21, was last seen on September 20, 1990 in Mendota, Illinois.  She left her job at Super Value. A co-worker witnessed Veronica driving away in her Chevrolet Corsica and head toward home that was four blocks away.

Her car was found the next morning in the family’s garage on Monroe Street.  The following afternoon she was reported missing by her boyfriend when she didn’t show up for a date. Veronica’s purse, glasses and keys were missing.  Also, missing was the movie she had rented that night.

veronica blumhorst
Veronica Blumhorst

According to BCR News, Veronica had been adopted, which hindered obtaining DNA for a match in case a Jane Doe was found.  Although the police tried to get Veronica’s adoption papers unsealed a judge would not allow it.  But, the police did have records from her dentist which have been added to this database  and this one.

Another stumbling block in the investigation was Veronica had been adopted, which made it hard for DNA purposes. Lawson said police attempted to unseal Veronica’s adoption papers but never could get a court order from a judge.

veronica blumhorst
Veronica Blumhorst

What was helpful, however, was Veronica’s extensive dental work, which made her records unique. The records have since been added to a national database and can be used for comparison if an unidentified female body is uncovered.

Veronica is 5 feet tall and weighs about 105 pounds. She has brown hair.  If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call the police at 815-539-9331.


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