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Debbie White goes for a walk and disappears from Tullahoma

debbie white

Missing Person Tullahoma, Tenn.  Debbie White

June 24, 2018 – A body has been found.  The police have not positively identified her and there is no cause of death announced.

Original story: Debbie White, 59, went missing while walking on a walking trail in Tullhoma, Tenn. on Saturday, June 16, 2018.  Debbie was seen by her two friends parking her Cadillac CTS before going for the walk.  One of her friends was going to join her for another walk later that afternoon.

When she didn’t return, her mother, Mary Petree became concerned and came to check on her and found her car with all her personal belongings inside.  The only thing missing is Debbie’s keys.

In doing research for this post I ran across Debbie’s Facebook page and there are two.  One seems to have been definitely put up by someone who was very angry with her in 2016.  You can go here to read what is posted.  

The Tullahoma Police said there is no evidence of foul play and they are following every lead they get. I hope they are looking into the Facebook page.

debbie white
debbie white

“There is no sign of any type of foul play there is no indication that Debbie was in any kind of danger,” Tullahoma Police Investigator Tyler Hatfield told WKRN news.  “We’re treating this case like any other.  Like I said, we are following up on many leads as they come in. We’re getting close to the four-day mark with no signs.”

Debbie’s friends have gone to the walking trail several times looking for her and they have not found her or any clues.

If you have any information about Debbie’s disappearance call the Tullahoma Police at (931) 455-0530.

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