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Deputy finds missing Montana baby still alive after buried in the mountains

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Missing Montana baby found alive after buried in the mountains

Deputy Ross Jessup and fellow officers are heroes after finding a baby that had been buried in a Montana mountain side for at least 7 hours, reports CNN.

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Jessup, a Missoula County sheriff’s deputy, was searching a wooded area for a 5-month-old missing baby boy on Sunday.  Francis Carlton Crowley, 32, a fugitive from Oregon, was stopped by the police after calls came in about his bazaar behavior.  The police assessed he was under the influence of drugs. They asked about a baby and he stated the baby was “buried in the mountains.  Police began searching Saturday night.

Around 2 a.m Sunday, Jessup was talking on his radio, tired, frustrated but still hopeful after 6 long hours of searching.

“All night long, I was preparing myself mentally to find a dead baby. … I was angry, kind of, at the time,” Jessop told HLN’s Mike Galanos on Tuesday afternoon. “I was losing my faith … that the baby was even alive.”

Then a miracle happened, Jessup heard a whimpering sound of a baby. He dug at the nearby dirt and found the child face down in his soiled onesie.

Francis Carlton Crowley has been charged with felony assault of a minor under 36 months and felony criminal endangerment

Francis Carlton Crowley.

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