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Police dig up backyard of missing Washington woman FOUND

Missing Person Washington Jamie Haggard

July 17, 2018 – Remains found near Snohomish have been identified as missing Jamie Haggard.  Workers cleaning up litter near Downes Road and Fales Road found the remains on May 9.  The police released the identification today.  The medical examiner states she died of “homicidal violence.”


Jamie Haggard, 27, has been missing since June 8, 2016 from Kenmore, Wash.  She was last see by her family on or around June 8 and her family became aware she was missing around June 14 and she was reported missing to the police on June 15.

King County deputies said there had been no activity with her bank accounts, credit cards or cell phone. She is presumed to be dead.

Last July, a crew dug up part of the backyard of the home that Haggard live with her boyfriend and her brother in the 8200 block of Northeast 145th Street.  Nothing was found.  The authorities returned in May 2017 and began digging again with a backhoe. Authorities stated they received a new tip to dig in a new area.  Nothing was found.

jamie haggard
jamie haggard

“We don’t want Jamie’s story to go away,”King County Det. Jessica Santos to Q13 news. “We want people to remember what her story was. We believe somebody out there knows. Somebody was maybe there that night. Somebody knows what happened maybe a few days before the incident, maybe the day of the incident, maybe they weren’t comfortable at the time to report it, but maybe they’ve changed their minds since then. We truly believe somebody out there knows what happened to Jamie and we want to find her and we want to bring her family some peace, right now.”

Lee Haggard, Jamie’s father, told KIRO 7 he met with investigators a few weeks ago and was told they believed Jamie was dead.

On Facebook, Stephanie Haggard posted about three weeks after Jamie went missing that she was the last one to see Jamie.

Shortly after going missing, Jamie’s brother, who she lived with before she went missing, left a message for her on Facebook.

Since then he has stated he was frustrated that Jamie was missing and thought she was missing on purpose.  Now he does not believe that and wants her to be found.

Anyone with information can call 206-296-3311. Crime Stoppers is offering a $1,000 reward and anonymous tips can be called in at 1-800-222-TIPS.


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