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Mollie Tibbetts: UI student goes missing FOUND

Missing Person Iowa Mollie Tibbetts

UPDATE July 18, 2021 – During the trial of Cristhian Bahena Rivera, a Mexican national who was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts, the defense came forward with two new witnesses. According to FoxNews, “The defense motions requested a new trial and asked the judge to compel prosecutors to provide more information on other suspects investigated in the death of Mollie Tibbetts allegedly linked to a sex trafficking ring.”

The two witnesses state that Gavin Jones confessed to them that he killed Mollie Tibbetts.  Rivera told police that two masked men actually killed Tibbetts and forced him to drive them around and dispose of Tibbetts’ body.  The two new witnessess bring validity to the story, now.  The two masked men are allegedly, Gavin Jones, and a man named James Manuel Lowe.

Surprisingly, the defense team asked the judge to make prosecutors release information about the abduction of 11-year-old Xavior Harrelson (click on link to read story and watch video.) The prosecution stated there was no evidence Tibbetts had been sexually trafficked.  The Judge Joel Yates stated the Xavior’s case was still active and has put Bahena Rivera’s sentencing on hold after the hearing on a motion for a new trial.

The defense also stated that 10 kids were missing from the same area.  I checked on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s website and found there was no other missing kids from Montezuma, but there were 14 missing kids from the state of Iowa going back to 1975, and two went missing in 2021 and two in 2020.  I do not know where the defense got their information.

Then another surprise, I find out that Sarah, Xavior’s mom’s had a former boyfriend and his name was James Manuel Lowe. Authorities have arrested him on an outstanding warrant in another county, but have not charged him with Xavior’s disappearance.  At this time, I dont know if they will or not.

August 21, 2018 – The body of Mollie Tibbetts has likely been found.  There is no information at this time of where she was located other than in Iowa.

August 5 -The body of a young, white woman was found on August 4 near Fort Madison.  According to WHO-TV, the body was found in Lee County in the 2000 block of 235th Avenue near West Point, by an unknown person.   The police stated they have “no reason to believe” the body is Mollie Tibbetts.

August 2, 2018 – Mollie Tibbetts is still missing.  The family has announced that the reward is now at $172,000.  The police have gathered at a pig farm to search after a red shirt was found near the Lincoln Wildfire Reserve in Brooklyn, Iowa. (The authorities have not confirmed a red shirt was found at this writing.) A man living in a home near the pig farm has been taken in for questioning.  Wayne Cheney said he was questioned for two hours by officials, reports the NY Post and said he had “nothing to hide.”  Further search of Wayne’s past shows that he has pled guilty for stalking charges in 2009 and 2014. (Video below)

Body Language

As you watch the video above from WHOTV you will notice Wayne’s body language while he is being questioned; scratching of the nose, earlobe and eye.  In the video below we see all three done by Wayne.

“The Eye Rub is the brain’s attempt to block out the deceit. Rubbing one’s eyes could be one of the many signs of lying. In men, it is a more pronounced gesture: they rub their eyes, as if they got something in the eye.”

“The index finger (usually of the writing hand) scratches the side of the neck below the earlobe. Another sign of lying is scratching the neck below the earlobe a few times.”

Do you think that the video shows Wayne is lying by his body language, or do you believe that he was overwhelmed and nervous and has nothing to do with Mollie’s disappearance?

pig farm
Cheney Farms that was sold

Wayne has 46 criminal & traffic records.  The Iowa Courthouse shows some of

Wayne Cheney court records:

Harassment third degree. Dismissed. 2015.Iowa County.
Improper use of media, curb or acc facility. 2015. Iowa County. Guilty. Fined.
Stalking, violation of protection order. Guilty. 2014. 2 years probation. Marion County.
Contempt violation of no contact or protective order, in 2014 – dismissed. Marion County.
Contempt violation of no contact or protective order. Guilty. 2011. Jasper County. Fined.
Contempt violation of no contact or protective order. 2010. Guilty. Poweshiek County.
Contempt violation of no contact or protection order. 2010. Dismissed. Poweshiek County.
Harassment second degree. Guilty. 2009.  Poweshiek County.
Burglary third degree. Dismissed, 2009. Poweshiek County.
Harassment third degree. Dismissed. 2009. Poweshiek County.
Interference with official acts. Guilty. 2009. Poweshiek County.
Stalking, violation of protection order was charged- adjudicated of harassment first degree. Guilty 2009.  Poweshiek County.
Harassment by communication. 1996. Poweshiek County.
Criminal trespass.  Guilty. 1996. Poweshiek County.
Harassment by personal contact. Dismissed. 1996. Poweshiek County.

BTW, I have heard that there is another suspect, but at this writing I have not heard the name.  Updates as they come in.

Original Story

Mollie Tibbetts, 20, a student at the University of Iowa has been missing since Wednesday, July 18, 2018.  Mollie has gone for a run in Brooklyn.  She had not been seen since 10 p.m. that night  It is unclear whether she went missing late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning as the red shirt she was supposed to wear at an event on Thursday cannot be located.

mollie tibbetts
mollie tibbetts

Authorities think she was wearing gym shorts, a black sports bra, and running shoes. Tibbetts is described as 5’3″ tall, weighing 120 pounds.

mollie tibbett

Anyone with information about her whereabouts is asked to call the Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office at 641-623-5679.

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