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Who is the Sunrise Ranch mystery woman with restraints in Montgomery County Texas? FOUND

Sunrise Ranch

Sunrise Ranch Montgomery County Woman

If you are looking for the video it is towards the bottom of the page.
This story is running in reverse.  The latest updates are on top.

August 30, 2018 – Here is the explanation of what happened by the MCSO:

August 29, 2018 – The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office was able to confirm the woman who was seen at Sunrise Ranch ringing a doorbell on video as been found.  Deputies responded to a home on Sunshine Pine after receiving information a man was suicidal.  The call came from the man’s ex wife. When they entered the home the man was found deceased.  The male was identified as a 49-year-old white male. They cause of death is believed to be a single gunshot wound.   The police then discovered the woman who was seen on the video ringing a door bell had been in the home with the male. The woman was identified only as a  32-year-old woman from Dallas.  The woman escaped the house on Friday evening and then returned then left again at some point. Her name is being withheld because she is a victim of domestic abuse, according to the police.  She is with her family at this time.

This is all the information as of now.  More will be out soon.

After all the speculation, we have found that the woman did indeed have on restraints, and that she was upset and her boyfriend had carried out abuse towards her, and she was going door to door for help.

August 28

 The professional search and recovery group has been told to wait and not search by the police.  They will be notified when they can begin the search.  In the meantime, people are still sending missing persons posters to the police.  I am receiving lots of messages from people asking for updates and there has not been any.  Why, right?

Lt. Spencer of the MCSO posted it was not restraints but a lanyard hanging from her wrist:  (Once the woman was found it became clear that it WAS restraints.)

There is also speculation if a search was ever done of the neighborhood.  We know that the SAR group was not allowed to search, but now we know from a neighbor’s post the police never searched, and they didn’t even come to her door:

Other’s have posted that the sheriff actually was in the neighborhood, but no one entered the homes of the neighbors.

Some on Facebook are alarmed at the MCSO’s cavalier attitude on Facebook.  Some, so much they are scolding them.  One post said, “Scott Spencer some of your comments are absolutely mind boggling to me…your urgency is inappropriate.”

It seems most if not all of these screenshots I posted above are no longer on the Facebook page.

If the MCSO has more information about the case that led them to the conclusion that it is not a kidnapping, I wish they would be more forthcoming and share that.  There are so many people that are deeply upset about this woman, and I don’t think it is too much to ask for a updated statement from the police.  Nothing would make everyone feel better than to know what is going on and the woman is being looked for.

It may be sometime tomorrow (hopefully) when the case goes national as two of the major news companies have sent out reporters to interview Jennie and people in the neighborhood.

August 26, PM

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office have released a presser.  Here it is:

So, what missing poster have been sent to the police and who are these missing people?  One of the names that keep coming up is Brittany Burfield. There is a striking resemblance between the woman at the door and Brittany, but the police don’t even know if Brittany is alive.  Her boyfriend has been arrested on murder charges and Brittany is still missing. Angela Morris who went missing from Austin after her car had a blowout, is another one that has been mentioned as a match and Samantha Perry, but her family has stated the woman is not her. (Angela Morris was found deceased.)

Also, there is a debate if the woman even has restraints.   Some believe that on one arm is a lanyard and the other arm is a bracelet.

UPDATE August 26, AM:  Lt. Scott who was alerted to this incident late last night has posted this comment:

With all the missing in the county, there is not too many that have been missing recently.  Donna Cloud.   I hope the authorities begin looking at the missing from Harris County, etc.  In the meantime, don’t hesitate to send the Montgomery County police’s Facebook page or Lt. Spencer’s Facebook page any missing posters and photos of individuals that you think may be a match to this woman under case #18A243347.

Original Story

On Friday at 3 a.m., a young woman showed up in the Sunrise Ranch neighborhood and began ringing door bells.  It wasn’t just the fact she was ringing door bells in the early morning hours it was also because the woman appeared to have broken restrains on her wrists and wearing only a t-shirt.

One of the neighbors posted a video from her Ring security camera on Facebook of the woman who came to her door.  By Saturday evening the video was going viral.

Jennie posted the following:

**please share! This girl rang the door bell of several neighbors in Sunrise Ranch, montgomery, tx on 8/24/18 around 3am. She looked to be coming from the back of the neighborhood wearing only a T-shirt, no shoes, and has what appears to be broken restraints on both wrists. The video also shows she was hiding from someone and being very quiet. When neighbors got to there doors, she was gone. This girl belongs to someone. She has people. Family. Someone must be missing her. Please call our local police with any tips! ***PLEASE SHARE THIS*** I added the video. It freezes after a few seconds. She looks to be out of breath.”

On Saturday she began posting updates in response to the thousands of comments she was receiving.  “EDIT: NO UPDATES and “EDIT: yes, this was reported to the police soon after it happened.”

Then many were concerned because the photos they were posting on the Facebook timeline of different missing young women they thought might be a match, were disappearing from the thread.  First, it was thought that Jennie herself was doing it.  Her response was, “NO ONE IS DELETING PICTURES, ONLY NEGATIVE COMMENTS! FB IS STUPID SOMETIMES.”

Sunrise Ranch
It looks as though the young woman has restraints around her wrists.

Missing Texas Forty

Around 9 pm, Saturday night I began talking with several Missing Texas Forty families who also watched Jennie’s video.  Because the video is not completely focused and the young woman’s features are not clear, there was some who thought it may be their missing family member.  I also spoke with Tina from 1st Priority Search and Recovery that was on the scene.  She confirmed the police were now involved and were checking to see if there were any missing that matched the young woman.

This morning when I woke up, Jennie posted: “**UPDATE: police are now investigating!**”

For those following the Missing Texas Forty story there is no doubt that there will be many that are a close match to the missing woman because of the amount of missing from that area, but many of these go back quite a few years.   Montgomery County, Liberty County and Harris County have become the Bermuda Triangle of missing people in Texas, with over 40 missing just from Montgomery and Liberty Counties alone.  Things have gotten quiet in Montgomery and Liberty County, but Harris still have several missing every month.  Because of time constraints, I have not done a count of missing in Harris County nor is there an official number by the authorities.  My guess it is well over Montgomery and Liberty Counties count.

Click here to see a video about the Missing Texas Forty.

At this writing the identity of the young woman and where she may be at this time is unknown. I will update pertinent information as soon as I know it.  Let’s all pray that this woman is found safe soon and those in the area, please keep an eye out for her.  With the daylight she may be hiding just about anywhere.

Danielle Sleeper missing from Liberty County

Donna Cloud missing from Liberty County

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