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Has the killer of Katelyn Markham been found?

Katelyn Markham

Michael Strouse arrested – photos of him and Katelyn Markham surface on social media

On Saturday, August 25, Michael Strouse, aka Mika Strouse was charged with murder after a body was found on Friday in a field on Milikin Road in Butler County.  The body is not officially identified but is believed to be Ellen Weik, 23, of West Chester.   Strouse admitted to police he strangled Ellen at his Liberty Twp. home.

Ellen Weik
Ellen Weik

Photos of Katelyn Markham of Fairfield have surfaced on social media of her with Michael Strouse.  Katelyn  Mariham went missing on August 11, 2011 from Fairfield, Ohio and her missing story went national.

There were any on social media that blamed her boyfriend, John Carter for her disappearance.  On  April 7, 2013, skeletal remains were found in a remote wooded area in Cedar Grove, Ind.  No cause of death was announced.

Michael Strouse
Michael Strouse talked with John Carter and he stated, “Carter said that Strouse has never been more than an acquaintance to him or, to his knowledge, to Markham. According to Carter, some of his friends are friends with Strouse, but that is the extent of the relationship.”

Katelyn Markham and John Carter

Subsequently,since the appearance of the photos after Strouse’s arrest, law enforcement officials have contacted the West Chester Police.  General theory is they are talking to Strouse regarding Markham’s case.

Police are not confirming any possible connection between Weik’s case and Markham’s case. Indiana State Police said they are aware of similarities between the two, but are not investigating it further as Ohio officials are the primary investigators, reported

Time will tell whether Michael is involved and we can only hope that it is soon–one way or another.

If you are aware of the relationship between Katelyn Markham and Michael Strouse, please call Vance Patton of the Indiana State Police at ‭(812) 689-8017‬ or ‭+ (812) 689-5000‬.

Thoughts on the missing Katelyn Markham’s case

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