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Arieanna Day: Missing 3-month-old Virginia baby

Arieanna Day

Missing Virginia Arieanna Day

Oct, 25, 2918 – Christopher Terry told police that he dug a shallow grave with his hands and left Arieanna on a Montgomery County hillside, according to testimony at a Thursday court hearing.  The police went to the location to search for Arieanna’s remains but nothing was found.

Sept. 13, 2018 – Christopher Terry, 31, has been arrested and charged with illegally disposing of a body in Montgomery County.  The charges are connected to the disappearance of Arieanna.  Sadly, the police have stated that Arieanna is likely deceased.

Original Story

Arieanna Day who is only 3-months-old is missing from Roanoke, Virginia since Tuesday, September 11, 2018.  She was last seen at her home on  the 1100 block of Hanover Avenue NW around 11 p.m.

Arieanna’s mother stated she put her to bed around 10 p.m. and when she went to check on her at 11 p.m., she was gone.

Arieanna Day
Arieanna Day

What is so unusual is that the mother was in the home, cleaning up the kitchen when Arieanna went missing.  The police state that their was no force entry, but the house was unlocked.  That would mean that someone could have entered the home while Arieanna’s mom was in the kitchen and took her out of her crib and left the home with her.  But, that leaves a lot of questions.  How would someone plan to walk into a home to take a child and time it so perfectly that they arrived at the same time Arieanna’s mom was in the kitchen, allowing them to take Arieanna out of her crib and slip out the door unseen.  And it would have had to be someone who knew that Arieanna was in the home.

Police are not activating an Amber Alert because there is not suspect or vehicle description which is two of the criteria’s for an alert.

The father of the child was questioned and he said he did not have the baby.

If you have any information to the whereabouts of Arieanna Day, call 540-853-5959.

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