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Lyn Palmer goes missing after going for a walk

Lyn Palmer missing California

On Friday, April 20, 2018, Lyn Palmer, 71, from Fall River Mills, California told her husband she was taking the dog out for a walk, and never returned.  Bob Palmer, Lyn’s husband went out to look for her.  He couldn’t find her nor the dog, so he reported her missing.

Lyn Palmer and Bob Palmer.

Shasta County Sheriff’s Office’s Search and Rescue team began searching for Lyn.  The California Highway Patrol used a helicopter, horses and dogs to search for Lyn over the next few days. The scent dog went as far as the main road and lost Lyn’s sent.

Dog Returns

On day four, the dog returned home alone.

“Suddenly, the missing dog came back on day four,” Dave, Lyn’s son told Dateline. “They immediately brought her into the house. There was food and water for her, and she went and drank some water, but it was weird — because she didn’t eat any of the food.”

They tried to see if the dog would lead them to Lyn, but she did not.  They did take samples from the dog’s hair to see where she had been.


Lyn Palmer is described as being 5’2” tall and weighing about 140 lbs. She has gray hair and wears thick glasses.

If you have any information on Lyn’s disappearance, please call the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office at (530)-245-6540.

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