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Kimberly Flint missing after crashing her car near Texas Highway 84

Kimberly Flint missing Texas

November 28, 2018 – It has been about two months since Kimberly Flint went missing.  Today the police state they received a tip on a vehicle that was in the area.

The vehicle is described as white Chevrolet Silverado dually with chrome bumpers and clearance lights around the front. Officials say they believe it’s a model year 1995 to 2005, based on the headlights. The passerby also reported the truck had a sticker on the back window shaped like a clover leaf, potentially white in color.

Not actual vehicle

Oct. 24, 2018 – Kimberly Flint is still missing.  Today I read a post by Johnny Davidson that states the car that Kimberly was driving was not processed like James Flint was told it was going to be.  Also, the post has two photos of the inside of the car, and in one area it looks as though a small drop of blood is there.

Here’s the post:

The Full Efforts Of The Rusk County Sheriff’s Office On Missing Person Kim Flint……

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse. We now have another blunder!!!!

Kim Flints car was found abandoned on US 84 in Rusk County.

That same day the car was hauled to a wrecker yard in Reklaw. The car was NOT secured for processing.

After much begging from James Flint the RCSO had the car transported to the RCSO for processing, this was after 5 days.

RCSO authorities told James Flint that they did process the car but couldn’t submit anything to the DPS Laboratory because they have no evidence of a crime.

When asked by James Flint if they used luminol (a chemical that reacts and shows a sign of blood) the lead investigator told him we don’t have any of that at the RCSO!!!!

RCSO then released the car (THAT THEY PROCESSED) back to the family.

Well just guess what the RCSO missed…..

Look closely to the pictures that are attached to this post….. you see it…. yes, unbelievable!!

That my Friends is what you call a clue!!

Don’t worry RCSO as the Flint Family has done all along is taking matters into their on hands as they have had to do since this case started due to your lack of doing your job!!!

James Flint, his family and all of his friends are NOT going away.

A Texas Licensed Peace Officer has volunteered his time to assist and properly process this car after it was released back to the family. Thank God!

Evidence has been collected and will be submitted to a private laboratory with the family paying for the expense!
Yes just ridiculous!

Before I close, that stain you see on the seat, well guess what, it field tested as blood!!!
RCSO missed it if they even processed this car at all!!!!”

Johnson also told me that it had been a year since Kim last drove a car.  Why would she suddenly jump into her car and drive off, if she has not driven by her self for that length of time, especially if she is waiting for her husband to bring her some food AND waiting for James to return home. What was so important that she had to leave?  Or did she even drive the car.  It is looking more and more like she probably didn’t and also she wasn’t the one that crashed the car at a high-rate of speed.

Photo provided by Johnson Davidson

It also explains why the dogs couldn’t track her from the car and why no one saw her at that location by the car or even walking away from it.  I think  another search around Kim’s home might be a good idea.  She may be closer to the house than was originally thought.

Oct. 4, 2018

The sheriff’s department is back doing another search.  This is what they stated, “About noon Thursday, officials provided an update on their search efforts.  Rusk County Sheriff Jeff Price said they have several K-9 units searching the area, trying to pick up a scent. They are hoping the K-9 units can help determine in which direction Flint possibly headed.”

My biggest concern is the river and if it is possible that Kimberly could be near there.

Original Story

Kimberly Flint, 57, is missing from Rusk County Texas.  According to posts, she went missing on Highway 84, east of Reklaw TX on Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2018. Her crashed vehicle was found on the side of the road.

James Flint, Kim’s son and his family have spent the past couple of days searching an area along State Highway 84 near the Angelina River.

Kimberly Flint
Kimberly Flint


James posted a map of where his mom’s car was found. He posted the following, “The pin drop is where the Vehicle was found. The blue dot is the house appx 15 miles. Remember my dad talked to her at 3:10pm. Sheriff received first call at 4ish? So she wasn’t there long but That road is a well-traveled road…SOMEONE SEEN HER VEHICLE BEFORE THE FIRST CALL..COME FORWARD. SHARE THIS PLEASE.”

Kimberly Flint
Kimberly Flint

Kim is 5 feet tall and 150 LBS.

If you see Mrs. Kimberly Flint or have any information on her please call the Rusk County Sheriff’s Department at 903-657-3581 SGT. Roy Cavazos lead Investigator.

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