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80-year-old Martin Cortez Blanco missing in California; maybe sleeping in truck FOUND

Martin Cortez Blanco missing California

Oct. 11, 2018 – Martin’s granddaughter has told me that Martin was found safe.

Martin Cortez Blanco, 80 is missing from Tulare, California since August 1, 2018.  He was in the care of his daughter, Dorothy.  When the family realized he was missing they found out that Dorothy was making Martin sleep in his truck.  He would drive his Dodge Ram to a Walmart parking lot and park it there and sleep in the truck for the night.

The authorities are investigating this case and are not sure at this time if Martin is with Dorothy or is alone.

Martin has heart problems.  He is 5’5:” tall and 140 pounds with brown eyes and gray hair.  Tattoo on his right hand that says “MB.”  He has a beard.

Dorothy is also known as  “Dorothy C. Anaya, “ Dorothy C. Bianco,“ Dorothy C. Blanco, “ “Merez V. Blanco,” “Dorothy Merez,”  “Dorothy Marez,” and “ C merza.“

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