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Terrence Woods missing from filming location in Idaho


Terrence Woods missing Idaho

October 14, 2019 – Skeletal remains were found in White Bird, Idaho.  There has been no identification made at this writing.  I do not know if it is Terrence or not or if he could have even made it near that location.  

On Monday, Oct. 14, 2018, Terrence’s father spoke to the media and stated;

“One story they said they watched my son run off a cliff. What do you mean you all watched him? What do you mean you watched him? What are you saying? He’s 130 lbs soaking wet, these are all big guys like me, and you’re going to say you watched this little guy go and kill himself of whatever you’re trying to put out there? Come on man,” said Woods Sr.

He also said, “My son saw something, heard something. He shouldn’t have seen or heard and didn’t like it. My son is not in the woods, someone picked my son up. What for? What’s going on? That’s what I need to know. My son is not in the woods.”

The parents believe the film crew is covering up something, but the police stated the following that of the eleven people two were locals and had just met the film crew for the first time that day. Even if something happened to Terrence that they were all somehow culpable for, the sheriff thinks it’s unlikely that eleven people could agree to keep a secret like that, get all their stories straight and keep them straight, and not have anyone crack.

Later the parents shared that Terrence had called them and said he was leaving the shoot.  He decided after arriving that he would leave the shoot 5 days earlier than he was suppose to.  He had arranged to change his airline ticket home to Oct 10.  He didn’t give his dad a reason.  His dad said:

“My understanding is that the crew were all sub-contractors working for RawTV, a London-based company which had contracted with Discovery Channel to shoot the footage of Penman Mine for its “Gold Rush” series. There were ten people in the film crew total, including Terrence. I believe some of them might have been friends or acquaintances (I read a comment that Terrence had worked before with a couple of the crew and knew them slightly) but it’s not like all ten were a close-knit group who had worked together regularly or for a long time. The other two people were local men who had been hired to guide the crew around the mine area and show them all the best sights of what remains of the mine.

The crew arrived at the town they were using as their base, Elk City, ID (pop. about 250) on Thursday October 4th 2018. I think they might have arrived fairly late, as Terrence Woods Sr has said that his son called him at 2:30am to let him know that they’d arrived safely. The crew got together the next morning at 8:30 for their first day of filming. That was the day they all met the two local guides for the first time.

The shoot in and around the area was supposed to last for two weeks, but about this time Terrence sent his father a series of text messages telling him that instead, Terrence was going to be coming home in five days on Oct 10th and that RawTV had agreed to buy or change his airline ticket so he could leave the shoot early. It doesn’t seem like he told his father a reason for this and no reason has ever been given other than Terrence decided he wanted to leave early. It’s a huge question mark in this whole thing.

The day of Friday Oct 5th was spent filming around the Penman Mine and according to crew members, nothing particularly notable happened as they did. They describe Terrence as seeming unusually quiet, but otherwise normal. About 5:30pm as it started to get dark, the crew started packing up their equipment and preparing to leave. That’s when Terrence took off.

The crew searched for Terrence for about an hour, first shouting for him and one person going into the woods to try to find him, then driving down to the bottom loop of the dirt road they’d driven in on to see if he was waiting for them down there. When they didn’t find him, they drove until they got a cell signal and could call the sheriff’s office. The call came in at 6:41pm, so there wasn’t a long time between Terrence going missing and the group reporting what had happened to the authorities.”


New information has come out about Terrence Woods.

According to his sister, Sharnia Tisdale the story surrounding his disappearance does not match Terrence’s personality.  She told Fox45 news that the crew told Sheriff Giddings that Terrence was acting strange.  At one point he went up to a steep drop and stood there looking over the edge.  Several people saw him start running down the hill.

“And he would not stop, and he took off, and he just kept going. and they lost him at a road down below where you drop almost straight down, straight down a hill,” Sheriff Giddings says.

But his sister, Sharnia Tisdale said that Terrence “would not just run off or do anything like this.”

“He’s traveled around the world he really likes to do tv, he is a loving person and caring and an all around good person,” said Sharnia.

The search is ongoing for Terrence.

Original Story

Terrence Woods, 27, from Maryland has gone missing while working with a film crew at the Penman Mine near Orogrande in Idaho.  Terrance went missing on Friday around 5:30 p.m. when he became separated from the rest of the crew of the London Production Company Raw TV.  The Idaho County Sheriff’s Office were notified and so far he has not been located.

Terrrence Woods

Terrence Woods films.  

His Facebook pages says he attended Richmond The American International University in London.

Anyone with information on Woods’ whereabouts is asked to contact the Idaho County Sheriff’s office at (208) 983-1100.


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