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Video shows missing Kierra Coles walking passed her car in South Chicago – NOT HER

Kierra Coles missing Chicago

UPDATE 2/4/21 – Kierra Coles’ mother has stated that the infamous video of her daughter dressed in her postal uniform walking to a car that was seen nationwide was not actually her daughter.

Karen Philips told NBC5 news said she watched the video over and over but was not sure it was Kierra in the video.  Click here if you want to see the footage but since it is not Kierra I didn’t post it here.

“It’s a mother thing. You just know your child,” Karen told NBC5. “That’s not her walk. She was a little bit smaller and a little bit shorter.”

So, Karen went to the police station to talk to them and she stated they told her at the time that it wasn’t her daughter.

“He says don’t tell anybody that’s not your daughter,” Karen said they told her.  In fact, they said it was another woman who lived down the street and worked at the post office.

But, it goes farther than that, evidently, the police had another video that shows Kierra leaving her apartment with her boyfriend, Josh Simmons.  They both left in separate cars and met up at an ATM where Kierra took out $400 and handed it to Josh.

NBC5 was very cautious about this new information and stated in their article that they requested an interview on the above information they had from Karen and a FOI request for the records on the case. Both were denied.

You can see the full video by clicking here:

EXCLUSIVE: Kierra Coles Disappearance: Woman in Video Played Nationwide Wasn’t Her, Mother Says

UPDATE October 6, 2019 – Kierra Coles is still missing.

Original Story:  Kierra Coles, 27, was last seen near the intersection of 82nd Street and Coles Avenue in South Chicago on Oct. 2, 2018.  Coles was last seen wearing on a video that shows her walking down the street in her U.S. Postal Service uniform.  According to the police, instead of getting into her car, she walks past and out of frame, leaving her purse and cell phone inside.

Although she has her work uniform on, she never went to work that morning and actually had called in sick.

The family stated that Kierra was 3-months pregnant and had recently moved into an apartment. The family told WGN9 news that it looks as though Kierra had “seen something.”

“She seen something that made her turn around that fast and cross the street and her car was on the other side of the street,” Dan Perkins, her mother’s boyfriend, said.

Coles was described as 5 feet, 4 inches tall and 125 pounds. She has tattoos of a heart on her right hand and the phrase “Lucky Libra” on her back.

Anyone with any information about her disappearance should contact the Chicago Police Department’s Special Victim Unit at 312-747-8274.

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