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16-year-old Karlie Guse’ last seen walking toward Highway 6

Karlie Guse’ missing Chalfant, California

UPDATE October 6, 2019 – Karlie Guse is still missing. Back in August a video on YouTube called “Kate Yup” was thought to be Karlie but that has been ruled out.

UPDATE March 22, 2019 – Karlie is still missing.  The Dr. Phil did a show on Karlie, but before I go into that I want to say something.  In the past, I have been contacted by people that have sent me anonymous tips that have led to the discovery of a missing person.  One such case led to a missing teen that was being held in a motel room. I contacted the mom, who contacted the police and she was rescued.  Also, people that are on the dark web have discovered missing people and have sent me a link and with that information I was able to call the authorities and they took it from there.  The message I am trying to convey is if you are on the dark web, and run across a missing person or even someone you believe is Karlie please let me know.  I have never divulged my anonymous tips and I will not in this case either.  At this point, no one really cares who is giving the information, that just want the information.  There is a likely chance that Karlie was picked up by someone and she is still alive.  There is also a chance she has been forced into sex trafficking, and someone may have come across her or seen her at some point by now and may be too scared to come forward.  I employ you to not let that stop you and do the right thing and give this young girl a chance to go home to her family.  Let me know and I will handle the rest and you will be left out of the middle.  You know how to reach me.  Contact me anonymously and send me the info then delete the account afterwards.  It has been done before and then you are positive you won’t be tracked, if you can’t take my word for it.  Below is the video of the Dr. Phil show and a message from Karlie’s Facebook page.  Thank you for reading!–Jerrie

The Karlie Facebook page posted:  “We are so grateful to for sharing the story of We don’t care about speculations or accusations. We are only concerned with sharing her story and her beautiful face with the hope that she is found safe. Keep sharing!”

Karlie Guse, 16, was last seen Saturday, October 13, 2018 walking on Ponderosa Street near White Mountain Estate Road toward Highway 6 in Chalfant, California, according to the Mono County Sheriff’s Office.  Chalfant is near Bishop, Calif.  Before that, she was last seen by her mother, Melissa at 6:30 a.m.   Melissa also stated that it was a neighbor that saw Karlie about 7:30 a.m. Saturday, and gave Melissa a description of the clothing that Karlie was wearing.

Nic Guse’ said, “It has been 48 hours now that my niece, Karlie Guse has gone missing and lived right next to highway 6 in Chalfant and splits off near the Nevada/Utah border into HWY 93 & Hwy 50 and then branches to other highways as well.”

The sheriff’s office said on Sunday, “Despite a thorough search around her home and many inquiries with friends in Bishop, we are no closer to finding her.”

Melissa Guse’, Karlie’s very worried mother said Karlie “was wearing a white T-shirt and grey sweatpants and Vans shoes. Karlie may be disoriented from dehydration and hunger and does not have any personal belongings or cell phone with her.”

Helicopters, search and rescue and K-9s have been out searching for her, but so far she is still missing.

KarlieGuse’ is  5’ 07”, 110 pounds, long dark blonde hair and blue eyes.

Please share. If you hear anything about Karlie, please call us at 760-932-7549, option 7.

karlie guse

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