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Woman leaves toddler at strangers front door and abandons him

Woman leaves toddler at strangers front door; abandons him

A woman is caught on video surveillance lifting a child in the air by one arm and running to the front door of a residence in the 30700 block Legends Ridge Drive in Spring, Texas.  She then drops the child and two bags at the door.  She then rings the door bell several times and runs off leaving the child alone at the front door.  A few minutes later you see a car driving off.

Authorities were called to the scene around 8:30 p.m. when the homeowner called police and told them she had answered her door and found the little boy standing there.  Authorities released this video above to help the police locate the parent(s) of the child.

Identity of child and woman found

During a press conference, the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office stated they have found the father of the little boy, when the media began showing neighbors the video.  The man who was shown the video realized it was his child.  The boy’s dad lives next door to where the child was left and confirmed the child in the video is 2-year-old Royal Prince Simmons, reports ABC 13.  The police stated the father was not at home during the incident and was not aware of the police activity in the neighborhood.   Further investigation led police to the identity of the woman who is in the video.  The police are not releasing her identity at this time.  It was found that the mother of the child was in the hospital during the incident and was not aware of what happened.

Royal Prince Simmons (ABC 13 Houston)

If the woman in the video had left Royal at his father’s house he would have been alone and he could have wandered off and gone missing or gotten hurt.

Currently, the child is in foster care and is being taken care or.  The sheriff has not disclosed the next step with the custody of the child.

Although the police have not explained what was going on, and I don’t know if they ever will, it seems to me that the likely story is that this woman is probably a friend of the mother and when the mother ended up in the hospital, she was left to take care of the child.  We don’t know if she was supposed to drop the child off with the father or if she decided to do it herself, and ended up driving to the wrong house.  And it appears she either didn’t want the father to know who dropped the child off, or she had a hot date and couldn’t wait for him to answer the door, so she rang the doorbell and rushed off.

Sunrise Ranch Mystery woman Identified 

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