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Amanda Fravel missing from Las Vegas since 1986

Amanda Fravel missing Las Vegas

Amanda Fravel has been missing since June 13, 1986 from Las Vegas, Nevada.  She was going to Taco Bell to pick up her paycheck but never made it there.  She has not been seen since.

Amanda’s sister, Missy Davis Clemmons said that Amanda moved to las Vegas from California due to a turbulent home life, two years before she went missing.

“On Friday the 13th of June, 1986, Mandy left her apartment to get a paycheck from her job,” said Missy.   It is assumed Amanda  may have hitchhiked that day as that is how she got around Las Vegas, but no one knows for sure.  “Amanda  never reached her destination.  She was never seen again,” said Missy. “She left behind all personal belongings and two kittens she loved dearly.”

Missy said that Amanda’s boyfriend was never questioned.  Amanda did have a roommate and he helped search for Amanda. The family has  lost contact with him over the years.

Amanda Fravel


Bullhead City Jane Doe has been ruled out as a match for Amanda.

Amanda’s case is open with the LV Metro although there are no new leads.  Getting Amanda’s story out there again may bring new leads in.  If you have any information regarding the disappearance of Amanda Fravel, please contact Las Vegas Metro at (702) 229-2907.

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