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Family finds mysterious photo of naked and injured woman in Adelanto

Enedina Alba posted on Facebook that she was out with her children for a walk in Adelanto, California on October 13, 2018.  They were in a desert area near Verbena Rd. and Auburn Ave. and her son was searching for lizards under rocks and sticks and old wood.  He pulled up a larger piece of wood and saw a photo of a woman (see photo below).  He showed it to his mom and she was horrified at what she saw.  A Polaroid photo of a naked woman with bruises and a stab wound on her breast.  Next to where the photo was found was a singular sock laying on the ground.

The photo showed the woman had “a line bruise under her chin and what appeared to be a stab mark or maybe a piece missing from her chest,” said Enedina.


Shocked by the photo she called the police.  When they arrived she pointed out the sock and they took the photo.

Enedina thought for sure that the story would make its way to the media, as the woman was deceased or severely injured.  But, she never heard anything, even from the police.

Enedina decided to return to the location and was surprised to find that the sock was still laying there and the ground around it had not been disturbed.  When the police were there, she saw them look through some shrubbery, but that was it.  They left when she left.  She thought they might go back and do a more thorough search, but when she returned she saw that nothing was disturbed.  She was surprised because she felt for sure the police would have overturned the dirt and taken the sock.

Location where photo was found. The outline of where the wood used to be is where the photo was laying underneath the wood. Photo by Enidina Alba

Enedina began reflecting back to documentaries she had seen on TV where evidence was found and ignored or information was “swept under the rug,” and forgotten.  That lead her to the decision to share the photo with social media and talk with Missing Persons of America.

Enedina told us that the photo you see is only part of the woman.

“Her other half was her other side I copied and cropped out to not show the whole body as it’s not necessary,” said Enedina.

The woman has blonde short hair.  The tattoo is of a green four-leaf clover.   Enedina says the black smudge on the photo is to cover up the horror of the photo as the woman’s nipple is no longer there, because of the deep wound.  Because there is no photo of her face, the only thing to identify her by is the tattoo, and that is not too promising either because the original photo is blurry.

“The sock was pretty muddy and I didn’t want to touch it because of evidence, so i don’t know what color [the sock was] but it was a longer sock, like ones that go to the calf,” said Enedina.

Enedina doesn’t believe the photo had been there long. “I don’t believe it was there long because of the rain and as well as the heat from the desert,” she said.
Enedina also noticed there were a lot of tire tracks around the area because the day before it had rained.  “In the desert we don’t get rain, so it’s a big thing,” said Enedina.

“I am posting because this is someone’s loved one. I would like to know I did all I can for this person,” said Enedina.  “Alive or gone she needs help.”

Enedina is reaching out to social media to see if someone recognizes the woman.

*I want to clarify that I only took a picture to ask my husband if it was a good cause for a police call, said Enedina. “And when I saw they didn’t do any looking around I decided to keep it in case.” 

The black smudge is over the woman’s right breast and covers her injury and missing nipple.  Above the smudge is the woman’s green 4-leaf clover tattoo. Photo by Enidina Alba

If you have any information about this photo, please leave a message in the comments  or on the website or send a direct message to Enidina or Missing Persons of America.


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