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Ian Powers, 49ers fan walks out of stadium during game and disappears FOUND

Ian Powers missing California

November 21, 2018 – The cause of death was accidental saltwater drowning.

Many on the Santa Clara Police Dept. Facebook page are not accepting that it was an accidental death and are asking the police to investigate the case further.

“Erika Resendez wrote, ‘As widely publicized that this case was, this man and his family deserve more than this. This was no accident, and something is off! I am a 38 year resident of alviso, and I know the creeks/rivers very well. This man was not washed there, nor did he manage to walk himself to the marina where he was found. If he was so intoxicated that he “drowned”.. well then the walk from stadium would have been a tough one. Someone would have noticed this “intoxicated” man or he would have stumbled along the way. Also, the gates to marina are locked! Smh. Do your jobs and look into this properly!”

Leah Dionne-Davis wrote, “Curious to know about the toxicology report. I mean.. some say he never drank that much around kids. Some suggested he was drunk, others thought he was possibly was stated by police that some text messages didn’t make sense so….im still left beyond curious. A toxicology report could possibly ease my mind partially. Cause of course.. if he was drugged or really drunk, it would be really easy to wait til he is knocked out an lay him face down in the water. 🙁 Looking at the map, doesn’t appear he could of made it there by fallin in water so of course my next thoughts would be.. who picked him up from near his car where his phone was last pinged, or led him away on foot, where the final destination would be the end of his life?
This case should not be no where near considered closed in my opinion, as well as othersso it seems. Without all of the previous questions answered I’ll be forever puzzled cause seriously…
none of the times of communication an now place where found makes any sense. I am glad though that at the very least, his body has been recovered & it’s no longer a mystery as to where he could be 🙁  My sincerest condolences to all of those who knew an cared for him~ <3 Rest in Peace Ian~”

Debra Frazier wrote, “I’m sorry, this is not the end. Ian was very responsible and was meeting his girlfriend and her two boys at the car after the use of the restroom along the way. Facetime proved this is what the plan was. I know he was terrified of water. So now my question is, why would he walk over a mile to just drown himself in water he feared? If he was too drunk, he would not have made it to the restroom or the corridor to the parking lot. We would have noticed him stumbling along, but he only shows a slow gait… Walking a little with a sway, but not enough to cause Ian to stumble and fall. Was his phone found? And if it was, was it damaged? Or just tossed. Why are not these questions being answered? Did you do a forensic on his clothes? Did it show any unknown person not connected to his social circle? Since his death is suspicious, and out of character for him to be unresponsible. This is not the end!!!!”

Where Ian was found is 2.5 miles away from the stadium. Investigators have stated there was no foul play.  Ian’s wallet and shoe (some feel he may have been robbed for his shoes) were found on him and there were no apparent signs of trauma. The stadium has a few waterways nearby which go out to the marina which feeds into the bay. Time will tell if the police are going to go back and do any further investigation.  There may be more to this story that we are not privy to and the family knows but has chosen not to share.

November 19,  2018 – It was announced by the family that the body found did belong to Ian Powers.   No cause of death has been determined at this writing.

November 18, 2018 – On Saturday, fishermen discovered the body of a man face down in the water about a mile offshore from a marina near Levi’s Stadium, Lt. John Hutchings, spokesman for the San Jose Police Department told ABC San Francisco affiliate station KGO-TV.  The location is a 2-mile walk from Levi’s Stadium.  The family has been informed. There has been no statement as yet what the man was wearing and there is no positive identification of the body at this writing.

Original Story

Ian Powers, 32, from Spokane, Washington has been missing from Santa Clara, Calif. since Monday, November 12, 2018.  He went to a 49ers game with his girlfriend and her two children and family members and towards the end of the game, he went missing.

The below video shows him near Gate C and walking out of Levi’s stadium into the parking lot, after he told his girlfriend he was going to the bathroom.  Another video shows Powers walking across the bridge connecting Gate-C with the parking lot around 9:03 p.m.  Why he would say he is going to the bathroom and end up leaving the stadium is unknown at this time.

There was also a video call with his girlfriend as the two tried to meet at their car in this parking lot around 10 p.m.  Unfortunately, the video is too dark for anyone to make out where Powers was at the time.  Powers’ cell phone died, shortly after and the couple never connected.  The girlfriend returned to the hotel room, thinking that since Powers had the key he would drive there.  He never showed up.  His car was found still in a nearby parking lot.


Capt. Wahid Kazem of the Santa Clara Police Department said about 40 officers and volunteers canvassed an area west and north of the stadium Wednesday and did not locate Powers.  At this point they don’t know if he had a medical issue and became disoriented or is a victim of crime.  On top of everything else, because of the smoke in LA because of the fires, a helicopter was not able to take to the air to look for him.

Levi Stadium

Powers was traveling from Spokane, Wash. to Los Angeles and was going to stop in Antioch to visit family. His family in Spokane have driven to Santa Clara to help search for Powers.

Ian Powers was wearing a San Francisco 49ers shirt and hat.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Santa Clara Police Department at (408) 615-5580.

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