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Timothy Donoghue missing from Indiana, never showed up for work FOUND

Timothy Donoghue missing Indiana

November 21, 2018 posted by family

Would like to take a minute to personally Thank each and every person from all over the United States on my friends list and friends of my friends who shared our stories and fliers and also prayed for my brothers safety. After a long long week….. My sister called a little while ago and said Tim Donoghue is safe. God is good and prayers were answered. He is cold and tired but alive, safe, breathing and with family. Please don’t stop the prayers though guys. He still needs prayers for strength to overcome the thoughts and obstacles that brought him down to where he currently is from a mental and emotional standpoint. Again thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Definitely a reason to be Thankful.


Timothy Donoghue, 40, was last seen on November 14, 2018 in the Edgewood area of Anderson, Indiana.

Timothy’s sister, Christy told MPofA, ” He was last seen at home around 1:30 morning. He usually leaves for work on the west side of Indianapolis on Wednesday about 5:30 am. He never showed up for work, but nothing at home is out-of-place, except him.”

What is frustrating is that Christy says the police are not going to search for Timothy.  This explains why there has been no media coverage on Timothy’s disappearance, as the police are the ones that usually let media know someone is missing.

“The police have done a missing person report but because he is not a dependant or special needs adult they will not do any type of search.”

Christy knows that Timothy would not just go missing, “He wouldn’t have just walked away from his son he has custody of,” said Christy.

Family and friends post on social media

Timothy’s sister, Jenn recently posted, “I just want to thank every friend, family, and stranger who has shared our post! Still no changes, no clues, but thinking if he did just leave for some reason, he has always loved Pigeon Forge TN area, so if anyone lives that way or has connections that way please share. Also always said he would prove he can make it to Las Vegas in 24 hours, so share that way as well. Just share share share everywhere! We don’t know and just trying to think outside of box and all possibilities. If anyone has connections with police force in any state can you see if they have a way to share, or any connections with any missing people foundations to help as well. Thank you.”

Timothy’s girlfriend Melinda posted, “My heart is very heavy right now. I miss this man. He hasn’t been seen since Wednesday 1:30 am. I have made calls to employers (recent and prior), have contacted immediate family and friends and filed a report. He doesn’t have a cell phone and the car doesn’t have GPS.”

Indiana Missing List

Timothy is listed on the Indiana Missing Person Bulletin along with 1,080 other missing people dating back to the 1980’s.  There is no photo or description or details regarding his disappearance on that list, as well as none for all the others.  Thankfully, The Aware Foundation has made up a flyer for Timothy and it is being shared on social media.

Without the police searching for Timothy or his car, it is up to the public to keep an eye out for him.  Add into the mix, is that Timothy’s phone was broken and he had not gotten it fixed yet, and his car has no GPS.  A phone is helpful in locating or at least narrowing down where a person is.


Timothy Donoghue was last seen wearing black/dark gray cargo pants, black hooded jacket, navy polo, hiker steel toe boots and black ball cap. He is driving a maroon 2009 Buick Enclave with license plate 777-VAK.

If you see him call the Edgewood Police Department at (765) 642-3200. PLEASE SHARE!! 

Timothy Donoghue

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