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Kendall Gurley missing from Mesa, Arizona FOUND

Nov, 27 – Kendall Gurley has been located and safe thanks to assistance from @phoenixpolice, reports the Mesa police. Thanks to all who helped us.

Kendall Gurley was last seen leaving a home near US-60 and Gilbert Road in Mesa, Arizona on the night of November 14, 2018.  She has not been seen since.  Kendall who recently went through domestic violence issues with the father of her son contacted her aunt so she could dropped off her son.  They met at the Circle K near the US-60 and Gilbert, reports ABC15. She told her aunt she would drop off clothes the next day, but she never showed up.  Now the family is worried she may be wandering around homeless or a victim of abuse.

The last message family received was Wednesday around 4:30 a.m. saying she was away from Wi-Fi but would try to get in touch as soon as she can.

But this case takes a sudden turn when on social media we are finding all kinds of strange photos, and conversations about Kendall.  First there were all the photos on Kendall’s Facebook page, photos of her using drugs, and some are obviously from the past that are posted and then disappear.   A friend of her’s posted on social media;

‘Someone made various profiles with pics that are from many different years. The guy is her ex in the photo. She would have never posted pics of herself like that or created multiple profiles the day before and the day she went missing.’


Then there are strange postings about Kendall.  Shannon Robertaud posted she was also searching for Kendall and Kendall’s boyfriend, too.  She is stating that James Dinino and Kendall are traveling together and they are wanted for questioning in a child abuse case involving her grandson, Jaxon.   Below you see she has used the photo that was posted on Kendall’s Facebook page.

But, Kendall’s friend, Presley Ivers is stating that the above is not true.

She says, ‘Shannon Robertaud is not related to Kendall, she’s the one making false accusations towards Kendall. Originally, that lady was posting that it was Kendall’s ex that harmed her grandson and now she is trying to include Kendall.’

Looking at the posts on Shannon’s Facebook page, she did state that it was ‘James DININO wanted for questioning in the drugging and torturing of my 3-year-old Autistic/ blind grandson,’ in the original post and later in other post she did include Kendall’s name. 

This case is very confusing and I hope that we were able to straighten out any questions you might have had on this.

Although some believe that Kendall took off and is hiding and others believe she is a victim of abuse, the bottom line is she is missing.  If you see her, please call the police.

Kendall Gurley is described as a white woman around 5 feet, 4 inches tall and 115 pounds with blue. Police say she has several colorful traditional style tattoos on her arms and a large black script on her ribs.She has several tattoos on her arm, blue eyes and blonde hair.

If you have any information on her whereabouts, contact Mesa Police at 480-644-2211.

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