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Dave Bradish and his dog, Ginger missing from Idyllwild FOUND

Dave Bradish and Ginger missing Idyllwild

December 9, 2018 – The Riverside County Coroner’s office confirmed Dave’s body has been located. He was reportedly discovered in an area near Chipmunk Drive.  The family posted the following:

“Dear Friends and Family, We apologize for the last 19 hours of silence… My father David is resting in peace… At approximately 1:15 pm yesterday he was found by a Search and Rescue team up off of a trail in the mountains of Idyllwild. Our dog Ginger brought us up earlier in the day to the approximate area below the trail. My father has always loved hiking in the mountains and they believe as he was returning back down the mountain he stopped to rest and fell asleep peacefully after getting hypothermia. To all the community of Idyllwild and dear friends who who helped us in this search effort we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your outpouring of love and prayers for my family.”

December 6, 2018 – The family is asking for help to search for Dave. I went over the map and have been in that area before and actually went up that one road they think he is at and I remembered thinking that it would be difficult to walk off the path as the mountain is very steep.  I don’t think that Dave would wander off the path, but he might wander down a dirt road.  At the end of Chipmunk Drive is a water tower and a dirt path on the left of it.  I think a group should go all the way around the water tower to make sure Dave is not there.  And go on that dirt path on the left to make sure he didn’t go that way, possible up by the water tower to look at the view.  I have mentioned it to the family, but don’t know at this time if this has already been considered and already searched.  I hope them the best as they continue the search for Dave.  The family posted the following:

“We got the go ahead to ask for help from the community to search for Dave in the area Ginger was found.

The area is Upper Pine Crest, Chipmunk Drive, Indian Rock, all along both creeks going down toward 4 corners.

Please work in teams or not at all. Please only work in terrain you can manage physically. We don’t want anyone else lost or hurt please!

We are looking at cabins for signs of forced entry, under decks, tarps, wood piles, leaf piles, etc.

If you find ANYTHING, do not touch it!! Call Hemet Sheriff’s Station immediately! 9517913400.

ANYTHING such little black poop bags, clothing, leash!”

#findDaveBradish #findDavidBradish

Original Story

Dave Bradish, 80, along with his dog, Ginger has been missing since Monday Nov. 26, 2018 from Idyllwild, California.

Dave and his wife, Linda had recently moved to Idyllwild in October, following their adult children that moved there in the summer.  Idyllwild is a small mountain community in the San Jacinto mountains in Riverside County, east of Hemet.

Dave Bradish

The day that Dave went missing, Dave and Linda were on the porch outside their home together.  Linda went inside and when she came back, Dave and their dog, Ginger was gone.  Linda thought he may have gone for a walk.  He usually walked near Aldenwood and North Circle Drive to the Community Presbyterian Church Thrift Shop where he would rest before venturing back home.  

When Dave didn’t return home after a while, Linda became concerned.  Also, Dave has Alzheimer’s. and he may have become confused  Linda drove the route Dave usually took looking for him, but did not find him.

Ginger (Linda Bradish)

A missing person report was filed with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and the Idyllwild Fire Department.

The Sheriff’s Department searched along with helicopters but Dave was not located.  The sheriff’s canine crew did track Dave and Ginger to Mountain Center.  They don’t know if someone picked them up and that is why the trail ended or he wandered into the forest.

Dave was last seen wearing all black – black shirt, pants, jacket, shoes and hat.  If you happen to see Dave or Ginger, please let the family know.

They have a Facebook page set up.  On Facebook more info was posted:

There was a solid sighting of Dave in the town of Mountain Center, CA. on the day that he disappeared.

Also, 3 separate bloodhound searches ended there when the dogs lost his scent trail.We are afraid he was picked up there and is no longer in the Idyllwild area, if that is the case, he could be literally anywhere. He was walking a dark reddish brown Cocker Spaniel that is also missingHe responds better to the name Dave.

If you see him ask him: Are you Dave Bradish, are you looking for Linda (his wife)

Finding the dog or the dogs collar can give a clue to where David is.

If you see him, or find the dog (alive or dead) or the collar (see picture) – Call 911 immediately!

The dog’s collar is brown with silver colored little bones and Rubi-like decorative buttons


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Anyone with any information into the whereabouts of Dave Bradish is encouraged to contact the Hemet Sheriff’s Station at 951-791-3400 or after hours at 951-776-1099.

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