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Tiana Berkey missing from Iowa

Tiana Berkey missing Keokuk, Iowa

Tiana Berkey, 24, was last seen on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 in Keokuk, Iowa at the Walmart.  She had stopped at the Walmart to purchase a new phone and withdraw some money, her sister told the Patch.  That was the last time she was heard from.  She stated she was going home to New Lenox, Illinois, but she never showed up.  

The family called Tiana’s phone and the phone was picked up, but they could only hear Tiana mumbling in the background.  There has also been some discussion that Tiana was on Facebook recently, but there is nothing to prove that it was her, so she is still missing until the police can authenticate that the post on Tiana’s Facebook was actually her.

Tiana was driving a white with a black hood 2011 Dodge Charger .  The car has black rims and the Arizona plates are CFZ 1390.

Tiana’s sister said they called Tiana’s phone and she answered but her voice was mumbled and in the background, reports the Patch

If you see here please call the New Lenox Police Department at 815-462-6100.

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