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Missing woman found buried in sex offender’s backyard

Kathy Thomas, 73, has been missing from Kenly, North Carolina since November 23, 2018.  The authorities were called for a welfare check on Kathy and she was not found at home in the 7100 block of N.C. 222 West outside Kenly.  Now, several weeks later, the authorities are stating that her body has been found in the backyard of a convicted sex offender in Wilson, N.C..

The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office, with a warrant, searched the home of Kenneth Wayne Lamm, 50, at 717 Harper Street East and found Kathy’s body buried in the backyard.  Lamm was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, the sheriff’s office said.

At first I thought it was a random act, but more research found that investigators said Thomas and Lamm were acquaintances but did not elaborate further.  

Kathy Thomas

Lamm was on the sex offender registry due to a 1994 conviction for second-degree rape and two other sex offenses. Lamm served 18 years of a 50 year prison sentence.  If he had served the time he was sentenced, Kathy would still be alive.  I am sure at this time, that the police are going over past cases to see if this is the only crime he is suspected of since he was released from prison.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office at 919-989-5010.

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