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Clint Dunn posts video about new Justice for Hailey Dunn campaign; reveals new info

Yesterday, Clint Dunn, the father of Hailey Dunn, posted a video telling everyone that 2019 meant justice for his murdered daughter. Hailey Dunn was 13-years-old when she went missing from Colorado City, Texas in 2010. Her photo in her cheerleading outfit went national as the media entered Hailey’s home to get any scoop they could on her disappearance. Sadly, her remains were found in 2013 in an almost dry Lake BJ Thomas in Surry County.

Clint and Hailey Dunn

Clint has started a campaign for Hailey and is planning to do weekly videos about all that has happened on the case. In the video he did on Wednesday, he stated that everyone knows who killed Hailey. He wasn’t worried about being sued or any backlash for revealing the name as Shawn Adkins.  
Adkins was named a person of interest in the case by the police.

Clint is also upset at the Colorado City police dept. who stated to him that once Hailey’s remains were found they were going to arrest Shawn. But it never happened. He said he has waited 8 years and nothing has happened, and he was tired of waiting and he was going to tell the public information on the case in hopes of bringing attention to the fact that the case has gone dormant.

Clint says it best in his video and he asked me to share the video below with my readers with the hashtag of #justiceforhailey2019. I said I would and hopefully all of you can help him by sharing the video, too.

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