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Video shows baby abducted from San Antonio gas station FOUND

King Jay Davila abducted FOUND

January 11, 2019 – The body of missing King Jay Davila was found Thursday night. The affidavit states that King’s dad, Christopher Davila led investigators to an open field behind the HEB not far from Castle Lance where his body was found wrapped in a blanket inside of a black backpack.

In the affidavit, Christopher also said that he was home playing video games when King was in his car seat beside him on the end of the bed. He got up and down on the bed several times and at one point King fell off the bed and went forward. His dad thinks that King hit his head on the dresser when he fell off the bed. He saw a bump over his right eye and kept checking on him. He was too scared to call the police and when he checked on him later he saw he was dead. Christopher told investigators he went to bury him in their northeast-side neighborhood, and ended up at the field. SMH.

Christopher’s mother has been arrested because she knew about it. She is a cancer patient on hospice. The police have not stated whether anyone else is involved and they said they are still investigating the case.

WOMAN identified

January 7, 2019 – Police Chief William McManus said Monday night that police have identified the woman seen on the video taking the car and she is related to King’s father. They also stated they believe that King was never in the car, and the story is a cover up for foul play. The woman was identified as Angie Torres, 45 who is Davila’s cousin. She was arrested two days later when she allegedly stole razors from a Dollar General and the incident turned violent.

UPDATE – Nothing was found. – Rumor stated they are have found a body floating at Rodriguez park. The San Antonio Police Dept. posted: “We are still looking for King Jay. Doing our due diligence and conducting a more thorough search of the area as part of the ongoing investigation. @SATXFire is helping with a water search in Rodriguez Park. No further updates right now.255:43 PM – Jan 6, 2019″

King Jay Davila, 8-months-old has been abducted from San Antonio, Texas on Friday, January 4, 2019. A video shows King in his dad’s car alone at a gas station in the 300 block of Enrique Barrera and a woman getting in the car and driving off.

King Jay Davila

The car was found 30 minutes later at Rodriguez Park. Another video shows a woman walking down the sidewalk with a baby car seat.

Also, on video is King’s dad, Christopher Davila, 34, driving into the gas station and parking, leaving the car running with the door unlocked. (There have been reports the door was wide open, but in the video it shows it is closed.)

At first the story began that a random woman took the car after seeing it running and no one around. But, the San Antonio Police stated that the way the woman walked up to the car, was deliberate. They believe the incident was set up and Davila was arrested for child endangerment. They even suspect that King’s mother and father even knows the woman.

Jasmine Gonzales, King’s mother and self-proclaimed fiancee of Christopher Davila, told police that Christopher had nothing to do with the kidnapping.

“Everything they’re saying that my fiance has a part of this whole kidnapping is wrong,” said Gonzales. “I was on the phone with him the entire time.”

On Sunday, Gonzales stated that the family went to the police and were questioned. She told KSAT News, “Everybody is being cooperative,” said Jasmine Gonzales. “They [police] are the ones trying to push the issue, trying to get somebody to accuse somebody, to get that blame for that. Instead of trying to get someone into prison, they need to worry about finding my son. That is what they need to do.”

She said all of their family went to police headquarters and were questioned.

At this writing King is still missing and the police have stated that Davila and his family are not cooperating with them, although Jasmine denies that (see video above).

Natalie Compean, who shares a son with Christopher Davila posted this on her Facebook page:

King was wearing a blue onsie.

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