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Couple missing from Temple, car found in Austin FOUND

Feb. 3, 2019 – Cedric Marks, 44, that was being transported from Michigan to Texas under an extradiction for warrants out of Texas, has escaped from custody. Authorities have a dragnet for him and are telling the public that he is considered extremely dangerous and to call the police immediately if you see him.

Marks is a professional MMA fighter known as “Spiderman.” He escaped while being transported by a private prisoner transport on Loop 336 West in Conroe, Texas around 7:20 a.m. on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2019. The escape happened after the vehicles stopped at a McDonald’s. Along with Marks was two guards and 9 other prisoners. Marks was wearing orange, but he took his shirt off. Lt. Scott Spencer stated that Marks was not in their custody when he took off. I-45 was shut down during their pursuit of Marks.

Marks is a person of interest in the cases of murdered Jenna and Michael and the disappearance of April Pease.

Jan. 21, 2019 – The bodies were identified as belonging to Jenna and Michael. Marks will evidentially transported to Texas to face charges.

Jan. 15, 2019 – I heard they have found two bodies in Clearview, Oklahoma, which is in between Oklahoma City and Tulsa. NFI at this time. The authorities are stating the bodies are likely Jenna and Michael. An official wording has yet to come.

The Temple Police Department requested assistance from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation in connection to a homicide investigation. The Okfuskee County Sheriff’s Office said a grave with two bodies was found after receiving a tip. The bodies were of a man and a woman.

An autopsy has been ordered on the bodies, and the medical examiner has taken over. 

The Bloomington, MN police are looking into the case of missing April Pease, who has been missing since March 2009. April was the girlfriend of Cedric Marks, and they shared a child together. In 2009, police said they questioned Marks, and he provided an alibi.

Jan. 11, 2019 – Police have released the name of the person that was arrested. Cedric Joseph Marks, 44, who is a mixed martial arts fighter.

More information has come out concerning the temporary restraining order. The arrest affidavit reads in part that Marks came into Jenna’s house without permission and took her cellphone out of her hand and threw it. Marks threatened Scott, telling her to drop charges against him for assault because it was her word against his. The affidavit reports Marks said, “you know what I am capable of … your entire family and all of your friends will need witness protection if you call the police.”

A jury in 2004, found Marks not guilty of assaulting a man in the parking lot of the Copperas Cove City Park pool. Marks said he was defending himself from the man.

Cedric Joseph Marks

January 9, 2019, the man that Jenna had a temporary protective order against has been arrested in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The man was arrested by Kent County Sheriff’s office on an outstanding burglary warrant out of Temple. His name has not been released as he has not been named as a suspect in the disappearance of Michael or Jenna. My guess is that the authorities used the warrant to bring the man in for questioning to see if he was connected with Michael or Jenna’s disappearance.

January 7 – New information has come in about the missing couple. Talon said the car was found on 12th East Street and they found Michael’s phone “a block away,” said Talon. Yesterday was Jenna’s daughter’s birthday that she had made plans for, and Jenna was not there.

KCEN Channel 6 found that Jenna had a temporary protective order against a man she met on Tinder dated July 27, 2018, prepared by Atty Benningfield. According to the order, Jenna had met the man in August 2015. “The court further finds that _________ represents a credible threat to the physical safety of Jenna Kay Scott, her family members and pets.” Jonathan and Karen Scott were also listed. The individual whose name is not being mentioned also had his gun license suspended.

No word yet on when was the last time she had any encounter with the man. The protective order is now dismissed.

Also, Deborah Daniel-Harrison, who is Michael’s mother posted on Facebook:

“Please, whoever took my Michael and Jenna, please let them go! They are not a couple and have never been. They are totally platonic friends!” Daniel-Harrison wrote.

“We suspect foul play inside of his (Michael’s) house based on the security system updates,” Richie Davis, a friend of Michael’s told the Telegram Monday. “However, all footage was completely deleted from his home computer at around 8:30 p.m. and the camera system was shut off.”

Original Story – Missing Temple couple

Talon Scott said Michael Swearingin, 32, and Jenna Scott, 28, from Temple, Texas were last heard from at 3 a.m. Friday, January 4, 2019, after the phone stopped tracking them. Before that Michael was last seen at 4:10 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 3 and Jenna was last seen at 4:38 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 3. Their car, a gray Hyundai Genesis was found in Austin, which is over an hour away from Temple, but Michael and Jenna were not there.

Talon, Jenna’s brother posted, “As some of y’all are aware, my sister Jenna Scott and her friend Michael Swearingin have been missing in Austin as of Thursday evening. 512-424-2160 is the number for the Texas Rangers division of the DPS that deals in this kind of stuff. I personally believe this is a kidnapping/hostage or worse situation. If you see this status, I at least ask you to share it and if so inclined, call the Texas Rangers and let them know that loved members of the community are missing. Any help given is greatly appreciated by myself and the family and friends of these beautiful souls” His last post at 3:36 a.m. on Monday stated there was no news.” They have started a gofundme page.

On Friday, I drove to Temple and was back home via the I-79 around 6 p.m. We noticed that there was a lot of police on I-79 that night. Michael and Jenna’s could have taken I-79, but they would have had to switch freeways, so it is more likely they took the I-35. Their route from Temple to Austin was likely done via the I-35. Where the car ended up in Austin was not stated, other than it was in an area they would not have gone. This makes you wonder if Michael and Jenna were even the ones that drove to Austin.

Also, a friend of Michael’s posted, “UPDATE 1/7/19: Things have taken a bit of a turn. We have no concrete evidence but based on his home security we have reason to believe something happened in his house in Temple, TX and the car was abandoned by someone else in Austin. There may actually be two suspects involved. Please continue sharing this post. They could be anywhere at this point.”

Jenna Scott’s father, Jonathan, says he will be in Austin to pass out fliers to help find his daughter and Swearingin.

“My daughter and Michael are both very responsible people. They would have let somebody know if they were doing something,” Jonathan told KWTX news.

If you have any information call 254-298-5500.

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