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Brianna Vibert last seen at gas station in Flint with man

Brianna Vibert, 26, was last seen at a gas station in Flint, Michigan at 2:45 a.m. on July 15, 2017.

A surveillance video shows Brianna holding onto the shelves for balance, and in the parking lot of that gas station with a man that drove a red Aztec. She hasn’t been seen since and her bag was found in a ditch not far from home.

Brianna Vibert

Lisa Morley Hulse, who told me she was Brianna’s mother that adopted her at age 3, said she is searching for Brianna and talked about what was going on in Brianna’s life before she went missing. Hulse stated that in the months leading up to Brianna’s disappearance, Brianna went through a divorce, and two weeks before she disappeared, her ex husband sent her terrible text messages that can be seen on her Facebook.

“He would go back and forth with visitation whether it suited him or not,” said Hulse. “She had been a stay at home full time mom until they split. After her separation she met Brandon. They had a rocky relationship. There was a lot of fighting. She was trying to get herself on her feet. Getting a good job was difficult. Finding housing was difficult. She had a lot of setbacks.”

Hulse said the week Brianna went missing, they talked frequently. Brianna was happy and she made plans to come visit them in New York and to surprise her little sister at her sisters gender reveal party. Then on the night of July 14, 2017, she texted several times.

“She spoke to my oldest son on the phone for about 45 minutes. He said she was completely sober and making sense,” said Hulse. “They spoke about her having to work the next day and also about her plans. He said she was sounding happy and content. She texted a couple of her sisters as well. Saturday we didn’t hear from her and Sunday morning Brandon called me and said she was missing. My first instinct was she was staying with a friend because her boyfriend said they had a fight and he had left the house. I noted that a message I sent her on Saturday was viewed on Sunday evening.”

Your Tango said they talked with Brianna’s ex husband’s girlfriend and she stated that Vibert had left the gas station and met up with a man at a place she used to work. Lisa Morley Hulse, stated that the girlfriend really didn’t know Brianna that well.

Hulse said that Brianna didn’t have her phone supposedly as it was in the red Aztec. The man driving the red Aztec told police that he hadn’t found the phone until Wednesday.

“I love my daughter and just want her home and safe and reunited with her children,” said Hulse.

Brianna Vibert

Briana Vibert is 5’9″ tall, 120 pounds with brown eyes and dark red hair. She was tattoos: Savannah, on her wrist, Maddox, on the other wrist, a skeleton key, on right foot, Family, on her right shoulder back and Mad Hatter hat, on her right shoulder front.

If you have any information, please call the Flint Township Police Dept. at 810-600-3250. Also, don’t forget to share to help spread the word that Brianna Vibert is missing.

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