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Lauren Colvin Thompson: Carthage woman goes missing after calling 911

UPDATE Jan. 25, 2021 – Lauren Colvin Thompson is still missing. Facebook page. Please see statement below concerning Jason Collier.

UPDATE: May 21, 2019 – Social media is a frenzy with the new information coming out about missing Lauren Colvin Thompson.

Karen Jannise on Facebook announced a few things that were not public before about the case and provided some documentation with it.

Karen stated that she is with “Voices for Justice,” and is “working the case with her mom (Lauren’s), her attorney and a PI.” Karen has also been mentioned in a few media articles tied to the missing Joseph Gauthier case. You can read The Examiner article here and 12News article and the SE Texas Register.

One of the first things Karen wanted everyone to know, is that Lauren’s car was not stuck in the mud, and that Lauren called her mom 20 minutes before she called 911 Here is the statement below regarding that:

Also, Karen said she send a FOIA request which will be posted later, and that Lauren’s mom Torie had an attorney file a civil suit again Panola County. She also wanted everyone to know that Torie asked for Equusearch to search but Sheriff Lake would not let them. Torie also says that Sheriff Lake has not been in contact with her. And the most alarming new information is that an officer stated that another officer found Lauren’s vehicle while she was on the phone with 911, which Karen does not think is possible because the records showing her phone pinging and it was nowhere near her car.

Karen has many pictures from where Lauren was last seen which you can take a look at by going to Where is Lauren Thompson page. Photos of the area, Lauren’s car, which Karen says shows it was not stuck in the mud, and inside her car where you see her belongings.

Also, Texas Equusearch is not the only SAR group that was denied to come search. Evidently the Cajun Navy was denied also.

Lastly, Karen stated on Facebook that she knows why they won’t search, “but its best we dont release that info. Lets just say that we are dealing with corruption.

What seems to be inconsistent is that an update from the family that was done a while back (see below) shows that at one time the Colvin Family was supportive of the Panola County Sheriff’s Office:

Also, below you can see a message from Sheriff Lake where he lists the organizations that came to search for Lauren that day.

January 12, 2019 – From the Panola County Sheriff’s Office:

“Many are asking for updates. We’ve had search crews from DPS, Texas Rangers, Texas Game Wardens, Texas Forest Service, Constables office, and the Sheriff’s office on the ground again all day today. We also had air searches via Texas DPS aviation division from Garland Texas today. Search efforts have not revealed any new clues leading to the discovery of Lauren at this time. We have also have several citizens offer to assist in the search. We have been blessed to have ample law enforcement search and rescue resources from multiple agencies across the state on the scene to cover the areas we’re focusing on. Our community never ceases to amaze me in coming out to help those in need. Thanks for all the calls offering to help. If needed, we will sure get the word out. We will update this page as we get new information. Please help us by continuing to spread the word. If you have ANY information, please call 903-693-0333.”

Is there conspiracy in this case as Karen is claiming? Or is it an accident or foul play by some other person?

Original Post

Lauren Elizabeth Colvin Thompson, 32, of Carthage, Texas has been missing since January 10, 2019. Lauren called 911 at 2:24 p.m. and told them she was in a wooded area and someone was chasing her. The call cut out during the call.

Lauren Colvin Thompson

The Panola County Sheriff’s Office used cell phone tower pings to go to the general area of where she was. Her car was found in a ditch off of FM1794, on an oil/gas company leased road, but Lauren was not found.

Authorities used dogs, UTV’s and even a heat-detecting drone but they never found Lauren. They plan to search again.

The police are not sure what happened to Lauren’s phone but are saying at this time they believe her cell phone battery ran down during the 911 call, reports Sheriff Lake in his press release. They also said it appeared as though she was confused and disoriented.   But, we don’t know what that really means,  she could have been scared.

On January 27, 2021, Jason Collier, the Police Chief of Stinnett, Texas, was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation after his name went viral when a woman named Cecily posted a photo of Jason. She posted that she had found out that he was already married. Shortly after that post more woman came forward and said they were a fiancé or his girlfriend. They all stated they were duped by Jason as he stated he was not married by showing annulment papers.

The reason I am bringing this up its that Lauren’s name was paired with Jason’s and early on when this story came out. Many believed that Lauren had dated Collier and wondered if that was the reason she was missing.

At this writing there has been no concrete evidence that Lauren every dated or knew Jason Collier.

Lauren is 5′ 5″ tall , and weighing about 190 pounds. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Thompson was last seen wearing dark colored pants or leggings and a dark-colored hoodie, according to the sheriff’s office.

Anyone with information can call the Panola County Sheriff’s Office at 903-693-0333. 

I also want to mention another woman missing from the Carthage area.

Another missing woman, whose car was found on the oil/gas lease land.

Doris McIntosh was 78 when she went missing from the Carthage area on July 24, 2009. She was heading home after visiting her husband in the hospital in Carthage, when she got lost. Four days later, on July 29,her car was found abandoned vehicle near an oil and gas drilling stuck in the mud off a County Road 173. It was unlocked and the seat was pushed up to the wheel as though to fit her height, but the heater was on and the keys and purse were gone.  Although there has been many searches, Doris has never been found.

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