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Olivia Ambrose last seen by her twin in downtown Boston FOUND

January 23, 2019 – Police arrested Victor Pena, 38, on kidnapping charges. Olivia was found at Pena’s apartment in the Charlestown neighborhood of Boston, about 2 miles north of the bar where Ambrose was last seen.  It was a video at Congress Street that showed two men approach Olivia, and showing Pena putting his arm around and clutching her, walking away with her toward the T. Authorities stated you could see she was not going with him willingly. Using Olivia’s cell phone they tracked her to an area and kept knocking on doors of homes until that knocked on one door and Pena opened it, and Olivia was there. Read more at the Boston Herald.

UPDATE January 22, 2019 – Olivia Ambrose has been located. She was found on Walford Way in Charlestown. She was taken to the hospital for evaluation. There was not statement on her condition, so it is unknown at this time whether she was injured or not. Also, it is not known at this time if she was being held against her will or not. There are social media posts that state that a suspect has been arrested. No confirmation from the authorities on this.

UPDATE Earlier today the authorities asked for the public to help identify the man seen with her (see below photo). It is unknown at this time if he was found with Olivia when she was found or not. The Boston Police Department also released further information, reported by CBS News:

“Investigators said Ambrose was seen leaving the bar around 11:00 p.m. with a man who police determined not to be involved in her disappearance. About 40 minutes later, Ambrose is seen in surveillance footage a few blocks away, where two other men invited her to walk with them. One of the men, the individual seen in the surveillance images, put his arm around her and directed her to the nearby State Street MBTA station. About 20 minutes later, Ambrose appeared with that same man leaving the Bunker Hill Community MBTA station in Charlestown, a short ride from the State Street station. Police said he still had his arm around her. Ambrose and the man were seen for the last time about 10 minutes after leaving the Bunker Hill station, at an intersection a short walk to the north. Police said phone records subsequently showed Ambrose’s phone in the vicinity of the nearby Bunker Hill Housing Development.” Reported by CBS News

Original Story – Olivia Ambrose, 23, is missing from Massachusetts. Olivia and her twin sister, Frannie were in downtown Boston on Saturday, January 19, 2019. Olivia was last seen at the Hennessy’s Bar near Faneuil Hall. It is believed she left with a man around 11 p.m.. Olivia hasn’t been heard from since.

“We were all here, we were just dancing in front of the band and then somewhere just like around 10 p.m. I don’t know I guess we got separated and then she left at 11,” Frannie told CBS Boston.

The man that Olivia was seen with was kicked out of the bar and it is believe Olivia left with him.

Security cameras show Olivia and the man walking across Union Street.

Ambrose is about 5’2” tall with blue eyes and curly medium-length brown hair. She was last seen wearing a red corduroy dress under a long white and grey coat and Doc Martens.

A photo of the man that Olivia was with located by the police and they are talking with him according to Help Find Olivia Ambose Facebook page. So far, nothing has been disclosed regarding that.

Anyone with information should contact BPD at 617-343-4500.

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