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Fort Hood ask citizens to stop looking for missing Lake Belton man FOUND

February 8, 2019 – The body of Scott Weinhold was found in the water by a search group.

February 2, 2019 – I checked on what was going on with missing Scott Weinhold and there is nothing new posted on Facebook, but did come across this article from the Telegram. Click here to read.

Original Story: The authorities have asked all the citizens that have come to Lake Belton to stop searching for a missing former Ft. Hood soldier because of safety conditions, reports KXXV.

Scott Weinhold, 25, a former Ft. Hood soldier and a resident of Texas has been missing since Monday, January 21, 2019. His wife, Shea Weinhold posted on Facebook asking for citizen’s to help her search for her husband who had gone missing while on a fishing trip. She posted asking anyone with a boat or 4-wheel drive to please go out and help find her husband. His boat had been found on shore, but Scott was missing.

Texas citizens responded to Shea’s plea and came out in full-force to help her find him. The post was shared thousands of times, as it circled around social media.

On Wednesday there was more information to the story. KXXV reported that there were three men canoeing at Lake Belton. One was on one canoe and two men were on another canoe. The single man flipped his canoe. The other two men went to help him and they flipped their canoe. It is not known which one of the men was Scott.

One of the men made it back to shore, but was not found till Tuesday morning. The body of the other man was found Tuesday afternoon. The body has not been identified. There is one other man still missing. The one whose boat made it to shore.

With the boat found ashore, there is hope that the missing man is alive and maybe even lost in the wooded area around the lake. As Scott’s wife Shea Weinhold is still searching for Scott, it is likely the missing man is him. But, the presence of the boat, itself, and that it was “pulled onto shore,” gives Shea and many citizens hope that Scott is alive and somewhere near Lake Belton.

On Thursday, the Ft. Hood authorities stated that the wind and water conditions were rough and asked the citizens to stay at home as they continued the search for the missing man, that is now confirmed to be Scott Weinhold.

Shea Weinhold posted: “*UPDATE* Since we are still not allowed to search on land, my focus is the shoreline that we can reach in Morgan’s point and surrounding areas. If you have binoculars, that would help. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE YOUR BOATS OUT TODAY. WE DO NOT WANT TO STIR UP THE WATER. *UPDATE* we are no longer allowed to search.  If you have a boat or 4wheel drive and warm clothes, please come out to belton lake and help me find my husband. I need to bring him home. The boat he was on was found pulled onto shore on the fort hood training area across from temple lake park.”

“Our game wardens have been continuing the search since about mid-morning with some assistance from Morgan’s Point first responders. Conditions out on the lake have been fairly rough and challenging, high winds and waves have made it difficult to get the search in, but hopefully we can bring this to a resolution soon,” said Steve Lightfoot, Press Office Manager with Texas Parks and Wildlife.

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